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Thanks from Watkins Blood Drive

Thank you to all those who donated at the Red Cross Blood Drive in Watkins on Dec. 11. Sixty-seven units were collected. Of the donors, there were two first-time donors. These donors reached milestones and received pins: Linda Faber and Makayla Hesse earned one-gallon pins, Merrie Miller and Jim Wirz received eight-gallon pins, and Roxanne Dick earned a 10-gallon pin. Congratulations and thanks. All you donors made a difference in saving lives.

With the help of many community members, this drive was successful. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked as a team for this event, to the organizations who donated, prepared, and served the snacks to the donors and the meal for the Red Cross workers, and to those who set up and took down all the equipment.

Promoting this event was very important. Thank you to the Tri-County News for publishing the articles these past week.

Thank you to all.

Upcoming Drives: Jan. 7, at Kimball and Jan. 29, at Eden Valley.