Tricounty News

March 27: M.P. Cemetery Association

The Maine Prairie Cemetery Association will hold their annual meeting at Hendricks Bus Service office at 7 p.m. Thursday,
March 27.

All interested parties are urged to attend.

Maine Prairie

Cemetery Board.


Marty celebrates St. Patrick's Day

The 7th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade was held Saturday, March 15, with a big crowd even in the cold weather. The parade is often billed as the w-StPatricks-paradeparade so good you get to see it twice, as the parade route starts at the former lumberyard and goes up to the school, then turns around and returns on the same route. Staff photo by Anton Matua.


More stormwater improvements for Kimball on the way


Stormwater from the city of Kimball is about to become a whole lot cleaner, thanks to a partnership between the Clearwater River Watershed District (CRWD) and the city of Kimball, and funding from state agencies.

Stormwater from the city of Kimball drains into Willow Creek, a designated trout stream and important park space for the community. Before the projects, high-temperature stormwater runoff, laden with nutrients, drained untreated into Willow Creek. Trout don’t like high-
temperatures; and too many nutrients can cause algae blooms in downstream lakes. Too much algae can make swimming and fishing unpleasant. The city also struggles with small-scale flooding during storm events.


40 years of Senior Dining in Kimball

Serving nutritional meals

Wednesday, March 19, the diners are looking forward to celebrating 40 years of Senior Dining in Kimball.

Naturally, over the course of
40 years, some changes were made. The basic concept to provide those 60 and older a balanced meal that gives them one-third of the daily nutrients needed daily to maintain good health and to provide that meal for any senior, regardless of how much they could contribute to their meal.


March 22: Party for volunteers in Watkins

A Volunteer Apreciation Party is planned for 6 p.m. Saturday, March 22.

Volunteers, this is for you. All volunteers are invited, this will be at the Watkins Legion.