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Long-time local fire department volunteer retires

There’ll be one less “bell to answer” for Kimball resident Cindy Stelten. Retiring from the Kimball Area Fire and Rescue Department, where she served 27 years as a volunteer firefighter, Stelten is hanging up the gear. During her tenure, Cindy held the captaincy role for five years and performed four years as safety officer. She is the oldest of 13 children, and attended a one-room school house in her elementary education years. She went on to graduate from Kimball High School in 1972. Cindy and her husband, Robert “Butch”, add a whole new meaning to marriage compatibility. They’ve always enjoyed doing everything together – including fighting – fighting fires that is! Robert also recently retired from the department after 31 years of service on the Kimball Fire and Rescue. They have three girls, two boys, and 10 grandchildren, and Cindy’s daycare center has kept her hopping for the last 39 years.

Stelten has always been very active in and around the community. A former two-term city council member, she also attained the position of Kimball mayor for two stints. Spreading her knowledge throughout the area, Cindy has taught CPR and First Aid classes at the St. Cloud Technical College, as well as in the community, for 23 years. She also taught babysitting courses for eight years. Cindy served on the Stearns County Human Service Board for 10 years, and was chair of the Stearns County Public Health Task Force for eight years. Additionally, she spent six years as a member of the Stearns County E.M.S. Task Force.

The near future finds Cindy pursuing yet another passion she has always had. She is enrolled in a Certified Natural Health Practitioner course, which focuses on teaching people how to live happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives. Natural Health means maintaining good health naturally through the air people breathe, the water they drink, and the foods and fluids they consume. Cindy is anxiously and rapidly approaching her certification.

“I’m hoping that there will now be more extracurricular time to spend with my husband, grandkids, and a few of my other desires, like gardening, reading, and scrapbooking,” said Cindy. The Stelten’s son, Adam, has requested that people post their tributes and fanfares to Cindy on Facebook.W-303999 2313765295491 1371132775 n