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Veterans Memorial still accepting orders

The Eden Valley American Legion, Post 381, is still accepting orders for new markers at the Memorial Park. Memorial blocks ordered now will be placed in the park next spring before Memorial Day. The 16”x8”x3” block made of granite and containing the name of the veteran, the branch of service, and the era that he or she served. The only requirement is that the person has served his country in the Armed Service of the United States of America. It is not necessary to be a member of the American Legion.

Any veteran from any era, living or deceased can be acknowledged in our veterans’ path of honor.

Blocks may be purchased by the veteran, or anyone wishing to honor that veteran. It could be a brother or sister, or maybe a son wishing to honor his father or mother or a father or mother wishing to honor their son or daughter who has served or is serving at the present time in the service.

We know that there are many young people who have served or are serving at present that would be honored to have a block in the Memorial park.

The blocks cost $200. If you are interested, or have questions, call Jim Haag at (320) 453-2107,