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EV-W Boy Scouts raising funds

The Eden Valley-Watkins Boy Scout Troop 363 is in the process of raising funds to acquire a new camp trailer. The Troop is currently using a trailer that was re-purposed more than 40 years ago. Exact age of the current trailer is unknown, but it is apparent that it has been heavily used and is showing serious signs of age.

The Troop has been writing grants and fundraising to purchase a trailer and build the racking needed to make it camping-ready. While we do have some money in our “trailer fund,” we fear that we may not have enough in order to be ready for the 2014 summer camping season without asking for help.

If you are a supporter of Boy Scouts and would like to contribute to the Boy Scout trailer project, your name/your business name can appear on the trailer showing that you helped fund it. Funds can be written out to Troop 363 and mailed to the Scoutmaster at 234 Jacquin Lane, Eden Valley MN 55329. Any support is welcome, whether it be in monetary form or as a pledge to build racking or for artwork design for signage, etc. Thank you in advance for your consideration.