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‘That Kind of Itches …’ now open at the Cokato Museum

The Cokato Museum is pleased to announce the opening of its latest display, That Kind of Itches….: Outerwear and Otherwear Worn During the Winter Months.

Featured in this display are all sorts of items worn to help keep people warm over the winter months, including coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves/mittens, muffs, and union suits. With many of those items being made from wool, it was understandable why folks found them scratch-inducing.

Complementing the clothing are a number of decorations that formerly adorned the streets of downtown Cokato, where they hung from light poles and wires stretched between buildings. The remainder of museum’s gallery will be festively decorated for the holiday season.

That Kind of Itches will be open until Jan. 31.

For more information, please contact the museum at (320) 286-2427, on the web at, or check out their Facebook page.

The Cokato Museum is a cooperative effort of the City of Cokato and the Cokato Historical Society.