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From the Heart - Let's hear it for the 'Elmer' Awards

I watched some of this year's Oscar ceremonies. I usually tire quickly of the whole thing, but this year's was particularly interesting and well done. What if, I kept thinking, there were similar awards for those not in the movie biz, for everyday people? What if anyone could be recognized for a job well done, no matter how routine that job may be? Then I read Nate's column. His last paragraph kind of reinforced my rambling thoughts. So, let's call them the "Elmer Awards." Let's give Chad Johnson and Ed Borman an Elmer Award for Technical Merit, for their excellent work keeping Kimball streets clear of snow in this snowy winter. And how about an Elmer Award for Business Longevity? A.M. Maus & Son, Land O'Lakes Oil & Propane, Knaus Sausage House, Arnold's of Kimball, Tri-County News, Hendricks Bus Service, have all been in business at least 50 years. If there were an Elmer Award for Fiscal Alternatives, it could go to Kris O'Brien and Kimball Community Ed. They were granted $25,000 this week for an environmental-education program for students. Speaking of education, and since it's school board appreciation week, let's give Elmer Awards to everyone on the Kimball school board. This ensemble cast works hard to make sure we get the best results for our tax dollars in education. And let's not forget the Kimball city council, township supervisors, and everyone in local government. The Elmer Award for Thankless Jobs should be given to each and every one of them. Everyone who works in the schools-teachers, administrators, assistants, lunch ladies, janitors, bus drivers-gets the Elmer Award for Thankless Jobs in Education. Bravo! And the Elmer Award for historic preservation goes to the Kimball Area Historical Society. Now starting Phase Four of their city hall renovations, they consistently have obtained grants to fund the project. The Elmer Award for Community Involvement goes to everyone who participates in any way to keep his or her community vital (however he or she defines that community). Without individual, active involvement, nothing changes and nothing happens. There could be numerous subcategories for this Elmer Award: local consumerism, local beautification, local booster, local protection, and more. And how about an Elmer Award for Daily Grind to everyone who gets out there every day to do their job to keep things running. Forget the Oscars. Bring on the Elmers. At last, recognition for the average Joe Worker and Jane Citizen! Let's all do our parts, and shoulder our responsibilities. If not for each other, then perhaps for "Elmer."