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People buy from people they know and trust

The Kimball Area Chamber of Commerce will hold its sixth annual Business & Community Expo March 28. They are taking applications for booth space now, with preference given until Feb. 28. So, if you're a business in the area, how do you justify the expense ($100 for a booth) to be in the Expo, especially in these tough economic times? Well, in one sense, can you afford not to be part of the Expo? Whether your business is long-established and well-known or relatively new, the exposure you can get at the Expo is invaluable. Where else can you get a critical mass of people who have come to learn more about you and your business? Mike Zieska, owner of MCP Collision in Annandale, helped to start the Annandale Expo that's been going strong several years longer than the one in Kimball. "The first year at the Expo is great exposure for your business," Zieska says. "The more years you are there, the more people get to know you. When they do need services like you offer, the top-of-mind awareness established at the Expo will help bring them in." Being a part of the Expo lets you show off new things that people may not yet know about. They can see and touch them in-person, without having to travel to your business, and without any kind of obligation or pressure. Zieska says, "People like to spend their money with someone they know and can trust. The Expo gives a consumer the chance to associate a face with a company, making them more comfortable and easier to do business with." And the Expo is a great chance to find out what customers and potential customers want. See what they're looking for. Ask them questions, and get to know their needs. If enough people want something you can offer, then you can consider expanding the products or services you have. There will also be activities for the kids during the Expo. So it's a time to meet and greet entire families. "It's a great community get-together," Zieska added. You have a chance to see and talk with other business people, who are also customers!" If you would like to exhibit at this year's Expo in Kimball, please call Kris O'Brien today at (320) 398-7700, ext. 112. Or you can download an application from