Tricounty News

Half full or half empty?

If you go by summer school vacation, then summer is just more than half gone. Forty days until the start of school.

I prefer to think of summer as just getting warmed up, so to speak. Kind of like our strange, delayed weather this year. 

The crush of the end-of-school-year days is now a faded memory. Some people jump right from that into the fury of gardening, yard work, and other projects around the house. Others of us need that buffer of time doing next to nothing.

Whichever way you look at it, right now is really the peak of summer. Everything should be at or near their height of activity. Our many lakes are used in so many ways. Gardens are growing full blast, with sweet corn soon to come – and can it really be summer without sweet corn? Local amateur baseball is at the playoffs level. Summer community and parish festivals are in full swing for nearly another two months. And the county fairs soon will start up.

Rather than lament that summer is half gone, we can revel in these few weeks of full-blown summer. No chance of being confused for either spring or fall, these gorgeous, sunny days are long and full.

If, on the other hand, you tend to be a half-empty kind of person, well, you can be happy too. Last night the temperature dropped to 60, perhaps a hint of fall? We’ve already passed the summer solstice, the longest day of the year was June 21. Our days are getting shorter until that inevitable near-blackout of winter. (Yes, I exagerage just a bit.) Maybe you’re one of those who gets excited at the first hint of yellow or orange or red on those dark green summer leaves.

They say that Minnesota summers are the reward for surviving Minnesota winters. I tend to fall into that camp.

The happiest solution, though, I’ve found, is to be content right where (and when) we are today. We can’t prolong summer any more than we can delay winter, much as we may wish. But we sure can enjoy today, and all that today brings: sunshine, breezes, fluffy clouds, and the faint but ubiquitous sounds of children playing and laughing.

Ah, yes, enjoy today!