Tricounty News

Let’s hear it for Labor Day

The holiday has passed, but Labor Day is much more than an excuse for a barbecue, or a last hurrah of summer.

Labor Day is a day when we honor those who work hard to make our lifestyle possible: 

Truck drivers and train engineers transport nearly all the goods we buy and consume. 

Construction workers who build our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and roads. 

Law enforcement who protect us daily, regardless of the day of the week, holiday or not, and no matter what the weather.

Healthcare workers staffed our hospitals, because illness and accidents don’t take a holiday.

Farmers fed their animals and milked cows as usual; there’s no holiday for them.

You might be surprised by how many teachers spent at least part of their Monday holiday preparing for the start of the school year.

If you went out and took advantage of Labor Day sales, there were scores of people working Monday everywhere you shopped.

And this newspaper didn’t pull itself together by itself Monday.

Whether you worked or played this Labor Day, I hope you gave some thought to the meaning of the holiday. 

If you worked, thank you. 

If you were able to play instead, good for you.

If you have a great job, with good pay and benefits, congratulations. You’re ahead of the norm.

If you’re underpaid, under-
utilized, or underappreciated, hang in there. There’s always hope.

If you’re looking for work but having trouble finding it, have faith. Things will get better.

For those of us who live in smaller communities, Labor Day should take a special significance. We feel much more closely the direct impact of each others’ labors. 

Everything works best when we all pull our share.

And the best way to honor our local labor is to support it. Think locally, and buy locally.

Local businesses employ locally, pay local taxes, spend locally, and support local causes. 

If we all don’t support our local businesses, they’ll go away. And your labor (and money) will go to big corporations instead of your friends and neighbors.

Please continue to honor and respect LOCAL labor!