Tricounty News

On change

We’ve heard from dozens of readers already since last week’s redesign. So far, everything has been very positive. Thank you!

We’ve heard, as expected, that you like having news of multiple communities all in one place. We’ve also heard that the changes in design and layout of the paper do make things easier to find and read. And we’ve heard compliments on our content, and the amount of it. One reader even commented on the refreshing lack of “leftovers,” both ads and stories, from another newspaper.

There is a little sadness about the loss of that big front-page photo. But the new design will work fine, and still allow us to “feature” photos as appropriate.

Again, we thank you all for your patience in this process. And we thank you for your candid comments about the new layout. We still welcome your feedback on it!

Meanwhile, the seasons have changed rather drastically, and all hope of seeing 70-degree temperatures again anytime soon are quickly fading.

The colorful leaves are now falling, we’ve had swirling snowflakes a few times already, and Mother Nature is getting ready to put us in the deep freeze again.

Who knows what this winter will bring? Extreme or mild temperatures? A little snow, or lots of it? Early and long winter, or a later and shorter one? After the past year of weather, it really is anybody’s guess.

Perhaps if we all put in a “wish” prayer: just enough snow for winter recreationists to have fun, and for people who make their living plowing snow to make a living. But milder temperatures, and not such a long winter. If we all think along these lines, it just might happen. It couldn’t hurt, right?

We love the seasons here in Minnesota, but we also love when they change, regularly, and don’t get stuck in one season for too long.