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I met an incredible woman

Actually, I met two.

Gwen Rosha Anderson, and her mother Marcia Rosha.

Last Saturday, a young author came to the Kimball Public Library to talk about her book, My Three Lumps. The title alone brought some out to hear her.

Published earlier this year, the book chronicles her journey through aggressive breast cancer and a divorce, simultaneously, and at the young age of 28.

She wrote it because there were few books written for young women diagnosed with breast cancer, and nothing at all for women going through breast cancer and divorce together. 


It would certainly be reasonable for Gwen to write a “woe is me” tale of pain and grief. Both Gwen and her book, however, are full of joy and hope. Through everything, Gwen chooses to be happy.

Her mother, Marcia, was her rock through it all. Gwen is grateful to have had the support of her family. She also is grateful just to be here.

At the urging of her friends and family, she collected her journals from this period of her life. The next step was to publish them.
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My Three Lumps is largely her
unvarnished, tell-it-like-it-is, journal. It also is a story of hope and joy, and how she found a happy life.

Gwen is a graduate of Kimball Area High School. She teaches English as a Second Language at Cold Spring Elementary. She is now happily married, and they have a beautiful daughter.

Her book, My Three Lumps, is available for sale at the Tri-County News office, at 70 S. Main Street, downtown Kimball. Her website is 4822