Tricounty News

Invite us, please

Every once in awhile we realize that not everyone knows how to contact us, or how to get us to cover something.

We love to cover local events and achievements. We live for it. It’s our mission, it’s what we do better than anyone else, and it’s really what will assure that the Tri-County News will be here for many years to come. 

A side benefit of documenting these local achievements is that they become part of the historical record. Not only do we keep copies of each paper in the office, we also have them bound into yearly volumes. And they are recorded and archived with the Stearns Historical Museum and with the Minnesota Historical Society.

Nearly all newspapers in the state do this too. It’s an important mission of all newspapers to be the history-keepers of their communities.

But we need your help. You need to tell us when something is happening. Call us ahead of time so we can get a photo of the people doing the activity that raises money for something (and not just the check-passing shot).  These events are scheduled ahead of time, sometimes a year or more. All too often, we find out at the last minute or, even worse, after they’ve happened.

When you’re planning events that you’d like covered in the paper, please be sure to include us in your plans. We’d much rather have three people tell us about something, than to have everyone assume we already know.

Just invite us, please!

Sometimes we have conflicts, or we find out about something too late to cover it. In those cases, we invite you to submit photos and even a write-up of the event. After all, it’s your history too.

Thank you for your help in keeping the Tri-County News a healthy, vibrant, and meaningful community newspaper!