Tricounty News

Kimball students participate in Mock Interviews

By Nancy Bonnifield

Curriculum Director KAHS

Business Communications students recently participated in a Mock Interview at Kimball Area High School. These interviews were conducted by five St. Cloud State University students who are completing degrees in Human Resource Management.

Eighteen juniors and seniors have been working through an employment unit in class. Students began by taking a skills assessment test to determine what industry would be a good fit for them. Next, students found jobs using websites like www.Minnesota and Once they knew the job they wanted, students began putting together a résumé and cover letter. Those letters were sent to the SCSU students so they could prepare for giving the interviews, and the Kimball students began to practice interviewing each other.

Finally the big day arrived when students came to school in business professional attire, nervously awating their turn on the hot seat. After the mock interview, feedback was given on the interview as well as the résumé and cover letter.

The students from St. Cloud State commented several times that this was a great opportunity for high school students, and they were impressed with how prepared the Business Communications students were for this real-world activity.