Tricounty News

Observations this week ...

This week we print a full day earlier than usual because Thursday (our usual delivery day) is Thanksging, and a postal holiday. That's part of why this week is a combined edition for Kimball and Eden Valley-Watkins. It should have been an "easy" week, being a short week, but instead it's just been a bit strange.

Saturday was a lovely fall day, even if we had to work. We were discussing last week's opening of Powder Ridge when a loud motorcycle roared past. It made me wonder how many people were out there playing golf on such a beautiful day. None, as it turns out; the Golf Club finally closed for the season. It could have been a perfect day to golf 18 holes and then snowboard for a bit, if one was into such activities.

In Kimball, the city's construction projects seem to be done for the season. The roads and alleys have been paved. The water tower and filter plant are back on-line. Boulevards, many of them newly created, have been smoothed and seeded and sprayed green to hold everything in place.

Elections are over, but we're still waiting for the certified vote counts in some jurisdictions. That should be completed this week for publication next week. It's doubtful that everyone is completely happy with the election results of this year's drammatic election. Relief at the end of mudslinging in TV ads is palpable.

No one can afford to be complacent with the election results, though. Democrats enjoyed a number of victories, but they were hard-fought. Republicans had counted on victories a bit prematurely, and the losses they face should make them adjust at least some of their positions or personnel.

The bottom line is that we the voters must be the "winners," not this politician or that party. We elect our representatives to power, to literally represent us. They are not there to represent big business or special interests. They are there for us. Let's hope they remember that come January when they take office.

Saturday is the third annual "Small Business Saturday" across the country. It's a reminder to shop at local, small businesses. Amid all the antics of "Black Friday" and Cyber Monday," don't forget the local businesses that pay local taxes and employ local residents! (See page 20 for a starter list of local businesses.)

Just finished watching the second part of the Dust Bowl documentary by Ken Burns, on PBS. It's simply amazing to see the damage caused by human greed and seeking the easy way to fast money. To see how people suffered through so much, year after year. I really don't think I would have persevered. I would hope so, but I think I would have lost my mind about halfway through. I'm sure I'll watch it several more times, just to get all the nuances. If you get the chance, and haven't seen it yet, by all means everyone should see this. Those hard trials in the 1930s still have their after-effects in our lives today.

If nothing else, it surely will make me think twice before I grumble about weather or food or health or money. There is truly much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!