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Helping Hands Benefit for Cindy (Gohman) Croat

From 4-8 p.m. Saturday,

Nov. 17, there will be silent auction to benefit Cindy's expenses for treatment.

Cindy was diagnosed with adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia May 2012. This is incredibly sad for Cindy is a cheotherapy nurse at St. Cloud Hospital. After discovering red spots and dealing with overwhelming fatigue, Cindy went to see her doctor who passed it off as the flu; however, with Cindy's experience, she requested blood work. The result was no white blood cells. After bone marrow tests results showed 97 percent blasts (leukemia). After six weeks of inpatient treatment, Cindy went into remission. She was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant at Mayo-Rochester

Sept. 24. Cindy had to stay at an extended stay hotel with a cargiver by er side 24/7 for up to 100 days. The hotel expense alone for Cindy exceeds $6,000, not including caregiver and meals. Cindy loses her employer health coverage in November, and has been offered Cobra for a limited time.

Family and friends are asked to join together to support Cindy in her journey to fight and win this battle. Looking for silent auction basket donations, and if you can't make the event, please feel free to make checks payable to:

Cindy Croat, State Bank of Kimball, PO Box 70, Kimball MN 55353, (320) 398-3500.

Any questions, please call Shelley Rasset at (320) 420-6235.