Tricounty News

Tackle Cancer Fundraiser

The Randy Shaver Tackle Cancer Kare 11 Fundraiser was a HUGE success, because of a lot of people. Even though we only had eight days to get it together, I feel we raised a nice amount of money to donate to the Cancer research foundation which stays here in Minnesota.

Many Thanks go out to my helpers: Karla Davis, Jen Gannon Garding, Jennell Horton, Hunter Davis and friends for selling items. To Kris O'Brien and her students for raising money and helping, to the girls' Volleyball team for raising a great amount of money, also to the Diva's Donita Knaus and Ann Serbus for the hair and eye coloring; it was a HIT!! To Andy Knaus for getting shirts done in time to sell, great job! I hope I didn't miss anyone. I greatly appreciate ALL your efforts and everyone's help! We had everything from Kimball Cub button sales, sponsors at the volleyball game, chili sales, T~shirt sales, glow bracelets and donation buckets at the gates.

The game was dedicated to Shawn Laudenbach and Tyler Baker, students who were taken too young by cancer.

Deb still has a few T~shirts to sell at the Triple R; stop in and see her. They are $10; both boys' names are on the back of the shirts in dedication to them.

I am very proud to say that our community came together for a great cause and in eight short days raised $1,467.96 that I have sent off to the Cancer foundation. I am also very proud of the Kimball football team and coach Leither for giving me a worn signed Kimball jersey to hang in the restaurant, I appreciate this very much, and to coach Leither for allowing me to take this over and run with it, and be as creative as I could in the eight days I had to work with it. I thank you Jamie. I plan on having this next year if Randy Shaver does it again, so let's look forward to a year of health and happiness to all, after battling breast cancer two times, I am very aware of the effects that cancer has. I am truly blessed every day for my life and for the Kimball community. With a happy heart I thank you all so much.

Deb Reinert