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September 21 Update

Mark Messman,


Eden Valley-Watkins

District #463

Building Project:

Construction at the secondary site continues as expected, and we've been working closely with our architect to finalize selections and colors for the gym floor, cabinetry, paint, ceramic tile, and carpet. The interior burnished block walls have been completed and we'll begin pouring floors at the end of the week. You may have noticed a crane lifting materials to the top of the gymnasium roof, which will be insulated next week. We've scheduled Wednesday,

Sept. 26, to install the final precast panels that will enclose the west end of the gym. If you recall, we intentionally left two panels out in order to haul equipment and materials into place. The construction project has been going very well and we're extremely pleased with the progress.

Please stop in for a visit with your questions and comments, and be sure to exercise caution when you're in the proximity of the construction zone.


Be sure to get involved with the election process this fall. This is a great opportunity to get your voice heard, and to educate candidates about issues related to your school and community. Try one of the following suggestions when candidates are campaigning in your area.

• Visit 1:1 when in the neighborhood

• Respond to mail, e-mail, and phone surveys

• Attend a candidate forum or town hall meeting

• Ask the candidate specific questions related to your issues

• Check out the candidate Websites

• Seek out candidates and tell them about your school, community, or legislative concerns

Remember, do your homework and be prepared to discuss your specific issues with the candidates. Lastly, and most importantly, do not forget to vote Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Quote of the Week:

"My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better."

-Steve Jobs

Senior of the Week:

The EV-W School District would like to recognize Anne Gathje, daughter of Scott and Denise Gathje. Anne is the 2012-13 FFA chapter president, and also the Region 5 FFA secretary. Anne's FFA activities include meats judging, prepared public speaking, and a dairy placement SAE. Anne is currently enrolled in the CIS Animal Science course, and received her state FFA degree last year and plans to attend the national FFA convention this fall. Congratulations!