Tricounty News

Cubs C-team volleyball

By Kim Pelzer, coach

C-team volleyball loses to NYA Sept. 17

Monday night matches have been a struggle for Kimball's C-team, and this one was no exception. The young Cubs started the first set slowly and behind for the majority of the set, came within one a couple of times only to lose set one 20-25. Set two found the Cubs with the serve to start the set and again we struggled, but Norwood-Young America did as well. It was tied at 8-8 and both teams would lead off and on, and near the end, the Cubs led 23-22, gave the ball up to NYA, who then served and played for the victory, and won the match at 23-25. The Cubs play Pierz Thursday Sept. 20, at home for another conference match, and are looking for a WIN! Go CUBS!

Game stats are as follows:

Setting = 31 attempt, 1 assist

Attacking = 33 attempts, 2 kills, 2 tips

Serving = 40 attempts with 33 successful at 82 percent and 4 aces.