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Curtis Hed campaigning for 6th Dist.

Curtis Hed writes, "I have found that most people believe living in a democracy is a good thing. Or perhaps more to the point, they believe it's a good thing as long as their fellow citizens are in agreement with them as to how their society should be governed. Unfortunately people are rarely, if ever, in total agreement with one another. So the question, I believe needs asking is, "Are we, the citizens of the United States of America, handling our disagreements in ways that are beneficial to the long-term health of our society?"

For me the answer to that question is, "I don't think so!" And that is a big reason why I, Curtis Hed of Becker Minnesota, am running as a Write-in Candidate for Minnesota's 6th U.S. Congressional District. It is why I hope you will take my candidacy seriously, will consider what I believe, will share my information, and if you live in Minnesota 6th U.S. Congressional District, you will write-in 'Curtis Hed' as your choice for U.S. Representative this November."

Hed continues, "Changes to our current political system have to start somewhere, and as such I am offering myself to you in a desire to be part of that change. I do not offer myself because I am perfect or because I am without strong beliefs about other issues facing our society, with which, you may or may not agree. Rather, I offer myself because I greatly value the relationships we have with one another, and I am seeking ways to best serve our relationship.

"As for our disagreeing on important issues facing our society, I have learned from personal experience that it does not matter how committed, or even right, one is in their beliefs about a particular issue, if in the championing of those beliefs, we lose sight of why those beliefs matter and we cause the relationships which we claim to value fall apart.

"If you would like to help me in my desire to lessen the "us versus them" mentality so prevalent within the political landscape of today, and/or find out more about my campaign and the opinion I have regarding many of the issues facing our society, please visit and share my webpage with others."

Curtis Hed

Becker, Minn.