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Another school year here

Another school year has quickly come upon us, and with it a renewed commitment to what matters most. Days start earlier, the kitchen becomes an all-hour's operation and sleep comes late. Our time is filled with a full day in the classroom, the day's work, after-school activities and homework done under the light of the midnight oil. Family members drive by one another between activities in separate vehicles at a frantic pace connected by text messages saying "See you after practice," or "I'll need money at the game."

It is during these times that I am reminded of how fast life goes and there's no stopping the clock. It seems that no sooner are kids boarding their first school bus, turn once and the next thing you know, you're planning a graduation party. In between these two mile-markers lies the core of what and who we become as adults. It's all about education, preparation, socialization and launching from solid ground.

Parents are gifted with the blessing of a child's life and responsible for preparing tomorrow's leaders. Educators are gifted with the talent of relating with youth in a positive manner and shaping their knowledge. The school staff is our child-rearing partner, they share the trials and travails of our young ones in a time and place that we cannot be. They are tasked to create and maintain a safe and caring environment conducive to learning. Our staff take their charge seriously and successfully. We as a community are blessed to have a thriving school system that yields well-prepared young adults. We are equally blessed to have students that give all they have of their minds and bodies for the betterment of Kimball. We are so proud of your grades and standardized testing outcomes. Our chests swell with pride with your every victory, and always know that we are here for you in times of defeat, from which also comes strength and knowledge. We know that A's take a lot of hard work and B's and C's are steps up the ladder.

Together we share hope, dreams and faith. Together we

celebrate and inspire leadership and success.

I contend that Kimball is blessed to be a small town where everyone can know your name, you can be a big fish in a small pond. A place where we care for one another, we proudly declare the responsible upbringing and education of our children to be our priority and we do it well.

We're a strong, proud and competitive breed in Kimball, the pearl of the prairie. Let's give the busses a brake, help our kids with their homework, and learn from them just as much as we teach them. Let's pray for the safe commute of our school staff and classrooms filled with enlightenment and preparation. Let's dream big together and pull hard on the rope as one. We cannot and should not raise our kids by ourselves. Let's roll up our sleeves, play in the sandbox together and raise the waterline for all.

Show the Pride, Share the Pride, Grow the Pride.

Tim Zipoy

Kimball School Board Member