Tricounty News

Come, come, come to the Expo

In a matter of days, we've gone from sub-zero blizzards to thunderstorms and tornado warnings. It looks like we may get some snow again toward the end of this week, but we can handle it. It's nearly April, and we're Minnesotans. Hardy stock, you know. No matter what is happening weather-wise, it's sure to be a hot time in the southwest corner of the Kimball Area High School on Saturday. That's the location of this year's Business & Community Expo. In both the Wirth Gym and in the cafetorium, you'll find more than 60 booths of fun and information. Of course there will be food. And there will be a variety of entertainment for all ages. That goes without saying, really. The core of this Expo, though, is local businesspeople-entrepreneurs and small business owners as well as representatives of larger operations in our midst. These scores of people have been preparing for many weeks now for the Expo. And they'll be ready. At 9:00 Saturday morning (March 28), the booths will be neatly dressed in white and blue, the exhibitors will be standing at attention in their booths (perhaps with a cup of coffee in one hand and a donut in the other), and we'll all glance at the clock as it strikes on the hour. The gym and cafeterium doors will burst open and hundreds of our friends and neighbors will come flooding through. A little too drammatic? Okay, I'll give you that. But it could happen. Saturday morning is a great opportunity for you-each one of you-to come out and meet the people who are such an integral part of the local economy: Local businesspeople. In a small town like Kimball, they're all your friends and neighbors. Heck, you may even be related to half of them. But they're here doing what they do best, providing goods and services to their local customers. Of course there's a not-so-public aspect to doing business locally. If you've done any kind of fundraiser in the community, you know what I mean. Who is it that gets asked to donate to every single benefit and fundraiser that comes along? Local business. Who contributes to just about every local benefit and fundraiser that comes along? Local business. Who provides scholarships so our high school students can go to college? Local business. Who works really hard for their local customers, often jumping through hoops and bending over backwards? Local business. Who provides jobs so that hundreds of your neighbors can work near home? Local business. Who is working harder than ever for your business? Local business. So who are you going to do business with? Local business, of course. Many of our local businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the current economic challenges. This is a great time (a) to get back to basics, to what we started out doing in the first place; (b) to regroup and rethink what we do and how we do it; and (c) to go forth with gusto in new and exciting ways. Today is a time for innovation and optimism-just ask a local businessperson! So come on out Saturday morning (the Expo is done at 1 p.m.). Join us for some coffee and donuts. Enjoy some music. Let the kids play. Come and see for yourself how local business is rising to the challenge and making our community even stronger. Among the exhibitors at this year's Expo are (in no particular order): American Family Ins., MCP Collision, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, State Bank of Kimball, Youth for Understanding, KDUZ/KARP Radio, Tri-County News, Custom Doors, ISD #739 (Kimball schools), Fire Trak, Arnold's of Kimball, Kimball Golf Club, Independent Property Services, Brad Looman Gun Repair, Thomes Ins. Group, Soapbox Laundromat, Kimball Area Historical Society, Rep. Larry Hosch/Sen. Michelle Fischback, Love-A-Lot Daycare, Kimball Church of Christ, Land O'Lakes Oil & Propane, CareFree Lawn Sprinklers, Heritage House of Kimball, Kimball Community Playhouse, Watkins Vet Clinic, Hendrickson Heating, Alpaca Carrier, Diva's, Chickadee Tree Floral & Gifts, Meeker Memorial Hospital, Kimball Lions, World Ventures, Kimball Area Historical Society, Fairhaven Lions, Kimball Area Friends of the Library, Lake Union Covenant Church, Dingmann Funeral Care, Kimball Area Farmer's Market, Lisa Hechtel Tupperware, Foster Care Providers, Young Bros. Construction, Backyard Reflections, Mom's Place, Paynesville Area Health Care, Schultz Soft Water-Kinetico, Images by Marguerite, Kimball Rod & Gun Club, Kimball United Methodist Church, Kimball Chiropractic, Gohmann's Foods, Kimball Fire Dept., AM Maus & Son, Kimball Community Ed., Kimball Garage, Winkleman Landscaping.