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Saint?!? Who, me?'

Nov. 1. Even if you recognized it as a holy day, you probably didn't think that the day had much to do with you. Most of us would never dream of considering ourselves saints - we know ourselves too well. Nor would our family and friends call us saints - for the same reason. No, sainthood is reserved for a special few, those whose humility, devotion to God and man, and self-sacrifice are off the charts. Right? Wrong! At least, that's not the way God's Word uses the word "saint." In the Bible, the title saint is attached to all believers in Jesus. It's not the result of exceptional service or outstanding accomplishments, it's the result of faith in Jesus. All believers in Jesus, trusting in His death for their sins, are holy in His sight, for their sins are forgiven. This means that it isn't bragging to call yourself a saint. At least, it isn't bragging about yourself. It does, however, involve boasting about a God whose love is so amazing, and whose forgiveness, through faith in Jesus, is so complete, that lousy sinners like us are transformed into saints. A whole bunch of politicians just finished an exhausting campaign, spending enormous amounts of time, energy and money to attach certain prestigious titles - president, senator, representative, judge, etc. - to their names. Yet those titles are temporary and fleeting. Jesus completed an exhausting campaign, which cost Him His life, to give us the title, "Saint." That title is ours for now, and for eternity. Such a deal! He did the work, we get the credit. We can only respond with thanks, praise and a life which strives to live up to this amazing gift of sainthood. "Saint?!? Who, Me?" Incredibly, the answer - because of Jesus - is "Yes!"