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From the Heart: A new age is upon us ... again

No, I'm not talking about "New Age." That's a whole other ball of wax, so to speak. A new age of cooperation and integration is upon us. Gone are the days of isolation and insulation from one another. Back in the "olden days," people lived and worked together closely. Large families lived in small houses, with lots of kids sharing a room (and often a bed). Farm families worked together with threshing parties or barn-raisings by the menfolk while the womenfolk canned or quilted together. Then World War II ended and the age of suburbia was born. People moved farther and farther away from each other, and families sought ever-larger homes. Rather than cooperating together and pooling resources and labor, farm families had to have all their own equipment and do all their own work (or hire it out). I see another swing coming; it's already on its way. Today, for instance, businesses that once competed fiercely are finding ways to pool resources and cooperate. Whether it's because of economic pressures or a society weary of all that "independence," this is a good move. Cooperation is a win-win situation, where success in a competition must be viewed as a win-lose; if there is a winner, there must be a perceived loser. So, as fall creeps in, with frigid Minnesota 616weather soon to follow, think of ways to cooperate for "wins" for us all. Share. Join. Help. Participate. Mediate. Win.