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Old St. Anne's Pass legends - Part 4

(This is the fourth of a four-part series about the "Old St. Anne's Pass" legends all between 1865 and 1940). The Kimball area historical society has been a blessing in many ways. Future generations will appreciate their work far more than we know. They have provided us with an avenue to share our stories. Each church, family and business has a story to tell.  There remain many items from the Old St. Anne's Church and Cemetery. First and formost we can see headstones, footstones, and bricks from a long gone stove. The origional church bell is being restored by the Kimball Historical Society. A church key was donated by the late Katherine Becker and various people hold church window locks, pictures and documents. Each family had their own "Family Bible" that was used for prayers at the church, sacraments and to educate the next generation. The bibles had pages where records could be written regarding births, deaths and weddings. Old St. Anne's was no different. For historical preservation and appreciation I have donated an origional Old St. Anne's Church family bible. A display case will be built for it at St. Anne's. My hope is that the youth will see these artifacts and develop an appreciation for our history and how far we have come. This Bible was used in many sacraments and blessings including the former 1931 bridge at Old St. Anne's Pass and a blessing of the new bridge. One final story Several years ago, some stones were redone at the Old St. Anne's Cemetery including a new larger one that weighed some 500 pounds. A team of four men and a small boy moved all the stones across the field having left the 500-pounder behind due to the fact we couldn't lift it. That stone sat on the edge of the cornfield a few days. After trying to get help from a variety of sources to move it, I went out with the small boy to reassess the situation. The boy walked up to the stone and lifted a corner like a piece of cardboard. In complete surprise, I lifted the entire stone like a piece of cardboard, placed it under my shoulder and carried it across the field with little effort. The only logical explanation for how we were able to lift it so easily was that God helped us. ********** The Kimball Area Historical Society is finishing well again, as we complete its seventh year of existence and these "History Matters" columns in the Tri-County News. Seven years of continuous research for stories and photos, articles and exhibitis, incredible speakers and programs for meetings. Perhaps you'd comment or vote for "the best of 'History Matters'." We look forward to hearing from you directly or via the Tri-County News. ********** Last minute guide to Christmas gifts 2007: Read about the area's rich history during our first 150 years. The first 65 years of Maine Prairie History booklet is some of the best reading you will ever enjoy for yourself and the "perfect gift." For only $10, your family and friends can unwrap magic. Also, 10 area historic photos with their stories on notecards, commemorative coffee/hot chocolate cups and a unique picture trivet ... each for only $7 or three for $20. All local and beautifully designed treasures. We have gift ideas for everyone on your list, year 'round. These four truly unmatched ones are available at the Kimball State Bank during their regular business hours. Gifts that make a difference. The ever-popular keepsake cookbook offers more than 300 great recipes from some of the area's best cooks, and is available at Knaus Sausage House, also on Main Street, Kimball. Your purchases help support our mission of research, education and preservation for area history. ********** If you're not yet a member, there's no better time. Call or send to this Society. All donations and memberships are tax deductible by our 501c3 status. City Hall restoration contributions are actually doubled by a matching grant. Better yet, join us for a special speaker and program in February. Watch this column for more details. For more information, The Kimball Area Historical Society may be reached at Box 100, Kimball, Minn. 55353, or by phone (320) 398-5743, (320) 398-5250, or (800) 252-2521 for out of area callers. ********** Soon turning the page for 2007 and starting a new   chapter. ********** Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.