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Vandalism by a few, hurts us all

For more than a month now, there have been several acts of vandalism around Kimball. Because they are still under police investigation, we can't go into details here, yet. Among the numerous acts, two stand out as particularly stupid, cruel, and hateful. The worst was vandalism to St. Anne's Church in August. I hope God has a special punishment for anyone who would deface and steal from a church. The other is what's going on in Willow Creek Park. After all the hard work by our Kimball Lions to expand and improve the park shelter they built some years ago, some group of hoodlums made it their summer project to wreck it. Thousands of dollars of damage has been done. Many people have been saddened by the ongoing vandalism there. Now they're angry, really angry. I'm calling for everyone who reads this to get angry, too, and to do something about it. If you know anything about these or other acts of vandalism in our area, call the Kimball Police at (320) 492-5827. A reward has been established for any information that leads to the prosecution and conviction of the criminals who keep trying to ruin our town. If you live here in the area, do what you can to watch out for city and private property, and report anything you see that's not right. Don't count on someone else to make the call. If you live somewhere else, step up your observation and reaction just a notch. Most of us are great at chipping in for benefits and other positive community events. It's up to us to report negative activity, too. Definitions of "vandal", noun: 1. One who willfully or maliciously defaces or destroys public or private property. 2. A member of a Germanic people that overran Gaul, Spain and northern Africa in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D., and sacked Rome in 455. 3. One with no sense of ownership who seeks to deprive others of same. 4. A pathetic excuse for a human who, lacking any semblance of a life, can't stand for anyone else to have one either. Okay, the last two were mine, and the last one was too harsh. But I just don't understand the need to destroy other people's property. They obviously don't care about the money it costs. Or the hours of work the building (or clean-up) required. Or how many people are affected by their few minutes of "fun". I have no idea who is behind this, what age they are, where they live, who their parents are, or how many of them there are. None of that matters a bit. After seeing some people's reactions to the vandalism, though, I hope the police catch the vandals first. Otherwise, we may have a few good citizens in trouble for taking out some "citizen justice".  Communication glitches We've experienced a few communications "challenges" lately. Just as we opened the office Monday morning, the power went out. It was a brief outage, but just enough to wipe out messages on our machine. Our printing plant will soon change they way they label our papers each week. We've printed out several weeks of labels. We did the same a month ago in anticipation of moving our office around (and our label printer being unavailable for awhile). This caused a few "glitches" in our labels. Some of you got two papers each week, others none. Knowing what happened this past month, we'll watch even more carefully for those labels that slip through the cracks. Be assured that, if you get two papers for a couple of weeks, it's only temporary. We'll err on the side of sending out too many papers to make sure that no one gets shorted. Lastly - but this is a biggie - is our e-mail. I'm normally a pretty patient person, but I finally got sick and tired of the hundreds of junk e-mails I get every single day. Some days I've received well over a thousand unwanted e-mails. And that's with three levels of SPAM filters. Because we're a newspaper, and need to be "open" to e-mails, I have to go through about 5,000 e-mails every week (before bouncing them back to their senders). I'd rather spend that 1-2 hours each day doing just about anything else.  So now we've subscribed to Now when you send us an e-mail, if you're not already on our "approved" list, you'll get a simple e-mail back asking you to type something in and send. This verifies that you're a "real" person and not an e-mail robot. And you'll only have to do this once and you're "in" on our list permanently. We've had this in effect now for just over a week, and it's WONDERFUL! Now only about 10 junk e-mails sneak through each day. We hope it's not a pain for anyone (except the spammers). BTW, you too can sign up for (for less than 20 cents a day).