Tricounty News


Legal Notice Maine Prairie Township Board of Supervisors meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Kimball Area Fire and Rescue Hall, 300 Elm St. N., Kimball, Minn., unless otherwise published or posted. Planning and zoning begins at 7 p.m. to review applications for building permits. The monthly Township meeting of the Board of Supervisors convenes at 8 p.m., or as soon as possible. Anyone wishing to have an item placed on the agenda should contact the Township Clerk five (5) days prior to the monthly meeting. Building permits are required in Maine Prairie Township per the Township Zoning Ordinance. A building permit is required to erect, alter, demolish, or move any building or structure, or part thereof. Work may not be done without first securing a permit and complying with all other requirements of this ordinance. Applications for building permits may be obtained by attending the Planning and Zoning meeting, or by contacting: Chuck Froehling  15136 Caldron Rd.  Kimball, MN 55353  (320) 398-7512  or Ron Albers  7876 Ahles Rd.  St. Cloud, MN 56301  (320) 251-7116 The official newspaper for the Township is the Tri-County News of Kimball, Minn. The Township fire and rescue is serviced by volunteers from the Kimball Area Fire and Rescue Department, Rockville Fire and Rescue Department, and Watkins Fire and Rescue De-partment. All Maine Prairie Township meetings are open to the public. Given under my hand this 14th day of April 2003. Beverly Adolph,  Clerk/Treasurer  Maine Prairie Township Published in the Tri-County News on April 17 and 24, 2003.