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Change is inevitable

This issue marks the beginning of a new volume of the Tri-County News. This makes a good time to make changes, big and small, to the newspaper and our operations. Last year we redesigned the paper, giving it larger, more readable type and making it easier to find information. This year we have plans to tweak a bit more here and there. Each week you'll notice a few things added or changed. As always, we welcome your feedback on what works and what doesn't. The whole point is to make it better for you, our readers! Another big change around here is in our personnel. Rick Linn - who had to learn quickly and work tirelessly to put out a paper each week while I was away for six weeks - has left in search of better pay and saner hours. We wish him all the best! Coming in right on his heels is Candi Walz, our news writer. We'll present her a bit more formally here soon, but briefly Candi comes to us with a lot of experience and energy. You've already seen some of her work, and you'll see lots more. You'll also see her around town. In March we plan two big, new promotions: free classified ads for all current (and paid) subscribers, and a contest for story ideas where you can also nominate people to be profiled in the newspaper. We invite you come along with us as we start our fifty-sixth year of the Tri-County News!