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New city council in Kimball has its first meeting

On Monday, Jan. 6, the new Kimball Mayor and City Council officially took office and held their first official meeting. Some changes Mayor Karla Davis called the meeting to order in City Hall with an obvious change. The council table has been moved to the far end of the hall. Davis explains that this makes the council more inviting to the public, and allows people to come and go during the meeting without having to "pass the gauntlet" and disturb the meeting.   Another change Davis has initiated is the Open Forum. At around 7:10 p.m. during each city council meeting, anyone in the public can address the council. There will be a form you'll need to fill out, indicating what you wish to tell the council, and you will be limited to five minutes or less. Davis would like people to know that the council will not be able to act on anything presented during Open Forum at that meeting, but will research the issues brought up and bring them to a future meeting for action, as needed. "By having an Open Forum for the public early in the council meeting, people can feel free to attend meetings and participate in Kimball government. And they don't have to wait through hours of council meeting to be heard," said Davis. There were no matters for Open Forum at the Jan. 6 meeting, but everyone is encouraged to make use of this free access to local government at any meeting. Regular business • A conditional use permit was granted to Don Salzer and Shannon Madden to operate a skilled nursing home and assisted living facility at the former Madden's Nursing Home location. The current owners of the site will renovate the building and Salzer and Madden will lease the site for their business. Kimball city ordinance calls for a fence to be installed between this business property and the abutting residential areas (currently being developed). A waiver of this requirement was issued, as all parties prefer natural landscaping to fencing. This waiver is predicated on maintaining the current fenced area on the property for residents. A conditional use permit was required since the city of Kimball does not include a nursing home or assisted living facility in its "commercial" zoning ordinances. • Roland Froyen of the Clearwater River Watershed District invited the new council members to attend its Citizenship Day on Jan. 29, and to adopt a phosphorus ordinance for the city. The council agreed to look into this. • A special closed council meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 13, at the Kimball Fire Hall for labor negotiations. • Wayne Mackereth will continue to represent the Kimball City Council at the Fire Board meetings four times a year. • Andy Maus will serve as Acting Mayor for Kimball in the Mayor's absence. • Appointment of legal council for the city of Kimball was tabled to look into rates and law firms. • The city currently has a contract with Dennis Goldberg, hired by the previous council to represent the city in labor negotiations. The current contract is ongoing and requires 30-day written notice of termination by either party. Goldberg will be present at next Monday's negotiation meeting, and a decision on continuing this contract will be made at the next regular council meeting. • Last fall, in working on the Kimball ball field, volunteer workers cut underground telephone lines. The city's insurance paid for the repairs, but left a $500 deductible. The city council agreed to pay this $500 deductible, asserting that both the baseball team and the city learned a lesson with this accident, and that it would not be right to punish the volunteers who gave of their time to work on the field. • Discussion of a claim for payment by attorney Karen Cole was tabled. Cole did work for the city on a personnel issue in April 2002, and there was no previous discussion in a council meeting of hiring or paying this attorney. The council will look into this matter before paying the claim which was only now submitted. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m. Meetings are open to all Kimball City Council meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month (except when a national holiday falls on a Monday). These meetings are open to the public, and anyone with an issue is invited to present it to the council during Open Forum. If you have something to put on the agenda, contact the Clerk Treasurer Administrator, Dianne Robinson, at 398-2725 at least a week in advance. Only agenda items can be acted upon by the council at a meeting; issues brought to the council during Open Forum will be placed on the agenda at a later meeting.