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Memories in Miniature

New exhibit at the Stearns History Museum

Memories in Miniature opening is Sunday, Dec. 2, at the annual KringleFest Event held at the Stearns History Museum. The exhibit will run through Dec. 31, 2014. Stearns History Museum members are free admittance, non-members are $5.

People make and collect miniatures for many reasons. Some preserved memories of family and community by carving wood. Some made models to honor a time, a place, of people in the past. Some used them to imagine what might have been.

These miniatures are rightly called “folk art,” the work of people with a passion for what they loved and a yen to create. Some of these decidedly uncommon artists spent thousands of hours meticulously building their miniatures to the exact inch. Others crafted them quickly with a pocket knife. From Willard Gerhenbeck’s circus to Clifford Balder’s model of the Sakry farm in Dehulm; the U-control planes designed, built and flown by Robert Green, father of community leader Les Green; and the Metzroth’s showpiece-the Red River ox cart, visitors will be enchanted and amazed.

As you walk through this exhibit, we invite you to think about how you keep memories yourself. Does your family have an object that is a memory keeper for its history? Do you scrapbook? Keep photos? Keep your kids’ school projects? Maybe you even have miniatures of your own. Or, maybe you surround yourself with different kinds of objects that carry memories through their use (Grandma’s china, Dad’s hammer, a favorite book?)

We hope this exhibit sparks discussion and memories of your own history and traditions. The Stearns History Museum is honored to display this collection of Memories in Miniature.

The American Association of Museums accredits the Stearns History Museum and Research Center. It is located at 235 33rd Avenue South in St. Cloud.