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Observations this week

Observations this week …

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving came and went so quickly. I hope everyone had a good one. My only disappointment is that the 70-degree weather some weather person was talking about for Thanksgiving Day never materialized. It got way too cold, way too quickly!

Naturally, the holiday progressed right from the dinner table to … what else? … shopping. Is anyone else bothered by that? I mean, you hardly get the last bite of potatoes and gravy down and you’re plotting and planning what loot you’re going to score by hitting the sales first.

Many people (or was it only employees who had to work?) were angry with Target for opening at 9 p.m. Thanksgiving evening and forcing all their employees to work. I can’t fault their business decision, I guess, when their parking lot was probably filled by 7 p.m. by overeager shoppers.

Couldn’t that saying work in reverse? “If you don’t come, they won’t do it?”

Oh, well, I just figure I don’t want or need anything badly enough to go through that whole Black Friday thing. (And what do we call the Thanksgiving evening phenomenon?)

Did anyone out there honor Small Business Saturday? This was the third year “they” have tried to put focus on small, local businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Did it work? I have my doubts. 

Personally, I think every day should be Small Business Day. After all, it’s those small, local businesses who pay local taxes, buy candy bars from your kid when he comes around selling them for his field trip, purchase what they can from other local businesses, and employ other local folk who likewise pay local taxes and support local businesses.

Now that’s a trend I can get behind whole-heartedly!

What did we do for Thanksgiving? We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner, and later supper, at my sister’s near New Ulm: her family, our family, my brother’s family, and our parents. Plus one: a college student from Mankato State from Shanghai, China. We ate and played games, all with an “international” flavor. Then we drove home in that wonderful driving sleet.

Did anyone else notice something different this Thanksgiving?  When did family holidays get so digital? On the drive down, George and I tried to set up Words With Friends to play in the car. I discovered that 128 of my Facebook friends were already playing it, Thanksgiving morning. 

At one point, the youngest members of the family each had a “device” of some kind; they’d Google’d Chuck Norris jokes and were having a whale of a time reading them to each other. 

At another point in the day, before we broke out the non-digital games, most of the family (including our newest international member) had out their devices at the table. I don’t even remember what all we were doing with them: comparing apps, showing photos, seeing who had the newest and greatest, sometimes just doing some fact-checking on Google. It was a bit odd, but we didn’t let it monopolize the day.

This week (Nov. 28) marks the 10-year anniversary of the day we came home with our little bundle of joy. Okay, he wasn’t so little, and he’s been a bundle of joy and a few other things besides. My brother-in-law the obstetrician was willing to certify that 26-month process of getting all the paperwork together as the “longest pregnancy” on record. It was another five years before everything was finalized and we had all the requisite paperwork. Thankful that’s done with, thankful for all our friends and family who stood with us during that long process, and truly thankful for our “bundle.”

I thought it was a little odd that we had no “thank you’s” for the newspaper last week. I’m hoping that’s because we used up all our gratitude at Thanksgiving.

Well, here’s one: THANK YOU to each of our advertisers who make this possible each week, and THANK YOU to each of our many readers who give us the reason and motivation to keep doing it!