Tricounty News

Lifesaving Awards issued

Wednesday, Dec. 12, Sheriff Jeff Norlin issued Lifesaving Awards to several Sheriff’s Office employees for a lifesaving incident earlier this year. Dispatcher Suzi Holtz received a call into dispatch from a male party who stated he was trying to kill himself, and “it wasn’t going well”. The male party stated he was using a zip strip around his neck. Dispatcher Holtz could hear the party struggling, and attempted to keep him on the phone trying to get him to stop harming himself, getting valuable details of the incident, and tried to keep him talking, thereby exchanging air though an obstructed airway while dispatching deputies to the call location. During this initial call the phone line was disconnected. Deputy Sara Miller and Sergeant Joel Engler arrived at the scene within minutes, and began a search of the area.

While searching, and Dispatcher Holtz making call backs to the party, the deputies located the male in a vehicle in the garage. When the deputies opened the vehicle, the male party appeared to be no longer breathing, or struggling, and his face was swollen and turning dark purple. Sergeant Engler used a wire cutter he brought with him as he exited his squad car to the call, and cut the zip strip off while EMS personnel arrived and assisted the man. He started breathing, and was then taken to the hospital, and ultimately survived this incident.

Sheriff Norlin said he is proud of the quick action, thinking, professionalism, and working as a team, each of these three displayed resulting in this life-saving event.