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Local Postmaster’s extra efforts earn trip to Washington, D.C.

By Pat Garry, Staff writer

“We never walked so much in our entire lives!” LaRae Asfeld, Officer in Charge (OIC) at the Eden Valley Post Office, recently returned with her husband from a United States Postal Service-sponsored trip to Washington, D.C.W-Postmaster

Asfeld was one of only four postal employees in the nation to be awarded the trip, which consisted of a mixture of business and pleasure. Earlier this year, the USPS launched a campaign to help boost business by asking Postmasters (or OICs) across the country, to document that their branch is indeed connecting with customers and businesses in urging them to use the EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) concept. Each time an OIC talks to potential customers, it needs to be electronically entered with information on: who was talked to; the subject discussed; and if there was any revenue brought in during the exchange.

“We get monthly reports showing how many “business connects” we have inputted into the system, and we must enter a minimum of 2 each month. I learned that they selected me because I had 4 to 7 connects each month; going above and beyond their minimum,” said Asfeld. 

Because of her accomplishments, Asfeld was jetted off to the nation’s capital, for a three-day excursion to learn more about the Direct Mail Hub, and have a little fun. Day 1 consisted of a guided tour to the National Postal Museum. “This was very interesting. It showed how the mail was first delivered and all the technology used now. They also took us into the vault where they store thousands of items that are not on display,” said Asfeld.

The next day LaRae attended a sales meeting which culminated in a lunch with Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. The trip’s final day included a brief guided tour of the White House.

When time allowed, LaRae and her husband, Tom, enjoyed visiting the vast array of sight-seeing structures, including the Holocaust Museum, the Art Museum, the Navy Museum, the Lincoln Memorial and the Veterans Memorial.

Asfeld is a lifetime resident of Eden Valley, and she began her postal career in the Paynesville branch in 2002. In 2004 she transferred to the Eden Valley Post Office.