Tricounty News

Riding the Holiday Train

By Stephanie Johnson, Staff

The Holiday Train pulled into the towns of Kimball and then Eden Valley late Thurday evening, Dec. 13. 

Most residents stood outside and watched as the train drove in with its holiday cheer and lights decorating the cars, but my perspective this year was a bit different. 

Kimball city clerk Nicole Pilarski and I had the privilege, thanks to mayor Tammy Konz, to ride the Holiday Train from Annandale into Kimball. W-P1010007W-P1010004W-P1010010W-P1010014

Once we boarded the train, we quickly found our seats and began looking at the tree ornaments that were hung on the ceiling of the car. Santa walked up and down the aisle saying “Merry Christmas” and pausing for photos. 

As the train was moving, there were vehicles driving slowly and pulling over on the side of the road to watch the train go by.  Canadian Pacific employees walked up and down the aisles with cookies and hot chocolate for all who wanted some. 

Before we knew it, Nicole and I were safe and sound back in Kimball, watching the performance from the crowd. 

Riding the Holiday Train was an experience I will never forget. For me, though, the suspense of waiting and the Christmas cheer outside makes the whole experience a merry one.