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Unofficial Minutes ISD 739 Board of Education Meeting Dec. 19, 2012

The Truth In Taxation Hearing was opened at 6:00 p.m. With no one in attendance in this regard, Mr. Tritabaugh stated that the levy had actually decreased by 5.74 percent from the previous year. The Truth In Taxation Hearing was closed at 6:02 p.m.

The regular board meeting was called to order by vice chair Gagnon at 6:02 p.m. with all members except Helgeson present. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance. There was a moment of silence in remembrance of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. 

Schreiner/Zipoy approved the agenda as amended. Zipoy added an Activities Committee report and Gagnon added a Community Education Advisory report. MC  

Troy Hilsgen presented his views of the Watershed proposal that was to be voted on later in the meeting. Robert Schiefelbein, Chairman of the Board of Managers, Dennis Loewen, Assistant Administrator, and Rebecca Kluckhohn, Engineer for the Watershed District were present to address the concerns of Mr. Hilsgen. Loewen indicated that the Watershed District brought the proposal to the school first, before seeking other avenues for utilization of grant dollars. It is their intent to help and work with the school to improve the facilities. Ms. Kluckhohn addressed all of Mr. Hilsgen’s concerns providing information to clarify the proposal. Schreiner/Stenger approved the proposed Kimball Stormwater Phase II project by the Watershed District. MC with members Zipoy and Stein opposing the motion. A joint planning meeting between the board members and the Watershed members was scheduled for Thursday, January 17.

Celebrations and successes of students and staff included a fantastic K-3 Holiday program, the December 10th vocal and band concert was excellent and well attended as well.

Activities Director Bruce Holmseth presented a re-cap of the fall activities and successes as well as the start of the winter sports season. He updated the board several activities being planned and changes coming.

Mr. Widvey: grad re-testing is complete, the first round of MCA III Math testing for 7th and 8th graders coming up, three weeks left in first semester, staff development day on 1/21, the Geography Bee will be on 1/8, a Financial Aid Night will be held on 1/14, One-Act will perform for the student body on 1/24, and a thank you to GRRL/Carla Asfeld, for the $1,500 grant to bring in an author to present and work with students in February.

Mr. Houseman: grades 4-6 winter program on 2/26, a review of lockdown procedures with staff, the new computer lab is up and running, a $2,233 grant from the CMAB has been received to cover the cost of an Artist In Residence, and a $1,000 grant from Resource Training and Solutions has been received to provide a Books and Bingo night. The 5th/6th grade fish fry is on 1/4, and the Spelling Bee is on 1/29.

Mr. Tritabaugh reported on up-coming meetings: On 12/20 he will have Holiday treats in the board room; board members are welcome to stop by, 1/16 – Benton-Stearns Education District, and Meet and Confer will meet again on 1/23 if necessary. On November 29th he held an orientation with newly elected board members Hilsgen and Stein. Member Zipoy and Mr. Tritabaugh conferred via telephone to cover the same materials. Members Stein and Hilsgen will attend Phase II board training on 1/16. The board agreed to change the January meeting date to Wednesday, 1/23 at 6:00 p.m.  With that change, Mr. Tritabaugh asked if the 2/20 meeting could also be moved to the 27th. The 3/20 meeting will remain unchanged. January 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th Mr. Tritabaugh will be out of the state.

Committee reports included: Benton-Stearns Education District – Schreiner, Health & Safety – Tritabaugh, SEE – Tritabaugh, Meet & Confer – Gagnon/Tritabaugh, Community Education Advisory – Gagnon, Activities – Zipoy. Schreiner/Zipoy to approve and continue the process to develop student surveys for the sporting activities as presented by Mr. Holmseth. MC

Communications included a thank you card from Education Minnesota – Kimball for the meat and cheese trays with crackers that were provided for staff by the Board of Education.

Zipoy/Stein approved bills in the amount of $169,475.71. MC

Zipoy/Stenger approved the Consent Agenda. MC The Consent Agenda included: approve minutes of November 14, 2013 Board Meeting; approve long-term substitute contract with Whitney Gettler, filling position held by Crystal Schlosser, Elementary EBD instructor, from about November 21, 2012 through about January 1, 2013; accept grant/donation from Meeker Co-op in the amount of $400 to pay the cost of a storyteller to kick off I Love To Read month at KES on 2/4/13; accept grant/donation from Meeker Co-op in the amount of $380 to be used toward materials for the horticulture class; accept donation of $906.86 from Kimball Lions Club toward the purchase of two iPad’s with protective cases for use in third grade classrooms; accept donation/scholarship from Central Minnesota Builders Association (CMBA) in the amount of $300 to be used toward the Home Repairs class; accept grant award of $2,233 from Central Minnesota Arts Board (CMAB) for a  K-6 Artist in Residence program to be held January 11-18.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and discussed.

Zipoy/Stein accepted donation from Kimball Sports Boosters in the amount of $1000 toward the purchase of track equipment. MC

Stein/Schreiner accepted donation of $453.43 from Fair Haven Lions Club toward the purchase of an iPad with protective case, for use in third grade classrooms. MC

Zipoy/ Schreiner, with much appreciation and gratitude for her years of coaching and dedication to the students, accepted resignation from c-squad/assistant volleyball received from Kim Pelzer effective November 12, 2012. MC

Zipoy/Stenger, with much appreciation and gratitude for her years of coaching and dedication to the students, accepted resignation from co-head volleyball effective with the end of the 2012 season, received from Amy Notch. MC

Stein/Schreiner, with thanks and gratitude and congratulations, accepted resignation from co-head volleyball effective with the end of the 2012 season, received from Tabitha Mortenson. MC

Zipoy/Schreiner, approved changes to the spring coaching assignments: Baseball – Corey Harmon, 7th and Randy Ashbrook 8th; softball – Eric Primus, Head, Whitney Gettler, Assistant. MC

Zipoy/Stein Certified the Levy for 2012 Payable 2013. Upon roll-call vote: Zipoy, Stein, Gagnon, Schreiner, Stenger voted in favor; no one opposed. Motion Carried.

Members of the board would like to thank Kurt Helgeson for his years of dedication to the Kimball Public Schools and wish him the best as he leaves his position with the Kimball Board of Education.

Motion by Schreiner, seconded by Stenger to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.

Tom Schreiner, Clerk

(This is a summary of the minutes of the School Board. To obtain a full copy of the official minutes, contact the District Office at
398-5585, or check the District website at

Published in the Tri-county News Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012.