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City of Watkins Meeker County, Minnesota An Ordinance adopting 2013 fee schedule

WHEREAS, The City of Watkins, Minnesota has a Fee Schedule in place, setting fees for various services offered by the City, and;

WHEREAS, This Fee Schedule needs to be updated occasionally.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF WATKINS, MINNESOTA; The Watkins City Council approves the 2013 Fee Schedule as follows:

Water Accessibility Charge (hook-up fee) $1,000.00

Sewer Accessibility Charge (hook-up fee) $1,000.00

Water reconnect after shut-off $150.00

Water $7.00/month base

plus $7.05/thousand

Sewer $10.00/month base,
includes 1st 2,000 gal.

Pool Fill City Resident $50.00
plus current cost of water

Pool Fill Out-of-City limits $75.00 for 1st trip
with tanker, $50.00 for each additional trip

Well Permit $25.00

Dog/Cat Fines

Impound Fee $25.00 plus $5.00/day

Clean-up Fine $10.00

Police Reports $10.00

Code of Ordinances $100.00

Liquor License

On-Sale $1,870.00

Off-Sale $100.00

Sunday $200.00


On Sale $150.00

Off Sale N/A

Wine $150.00

Consumption and Display $50.00

Club On-Sale $100.00

Temp. On-Sale Beer

Single Event $10.00

Multi-Event $25.00

Assessment Search $20.00

Village Hall Rent $75.00 per Floor per Day

Village Hall Rent-Damage Deposit $200.00

City Park–Damage Deposit $150.00

Service Fees

Grass mowing $65.00/hr. 1 hr. Min.


Preliminary Plat $300.00 plus $5.00 per lot
Plus $1,000.00 escrow fee

Final Plat $100.00 plus $5.00 per lot


Amendments, Appeals, CUPs, Special Exception Use, Variances, or anything Requiring a 350 ft. notice

Anytime a Special Meeting of the City Council, EDA, or Planning Commission is required $200.00

The following LAND USE PERMIT FEES shall apply to

• Fences, decks, non-permanent sheds $12.00

• Secured (on slab) storage units $18.00

• Additions, porches, patios (attached to structure)

• Garages, structures moved in with approval, other not attached $30.00

• New residential construction $36.00

• New commercial construction $60.00

This foregoing resolution was adopted on a motion by Tschumperlin, seconded by D. Loch, Motion Carried.

Ordained by the City Council of the City of Watkins, Minnesota, this 13th day of December 2012.

Those Council members voting for: Tschumperlin, D. Loch, J. Loch, S. Piccerillo.

Absent: J. Hesse

Those Council members voting against: none


/s/James Loch, Mayor

/s/Debra Kramer, Clerk/Treasurer

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday,
Dec. 27, 2012.