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Kimball Classroom of the Week-Mrs. Palm's 4th Grade

We have 19 students in our class. Kathy Ahlrich is our TA.

This  year we will learn states and capitals.   In math, we'll learn multiplying bigger numbers, and long division. We'll have a safety around electricity presentation by Stearns Electric Coop. We will do a research project. We're also learning to become more independent learners.

For a field trip, we'll take a bot ride on the Paddleford down the Mississippi, visit the Jackson Street Roundhouse Train Museum, attend the Water Festival in Richmond, and visit the Law Enforcement Center and Courthouse in St. Cloud.

For our fundraiser, we sold candy bars. We also run the Flavors on Friday business; we donate much of our profits back to the school to purchase Study Island, media materials, and sponsor a variety of projects.
Our class is special because we get to serve ice cream. We have popcorn parties for perfect spelling tests when the jar gets full. We learn new things. We write stories. We're smart. We work as a teama and get along with each other. And we have a mystery student each week.
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