Tricounty News

Juvenile drinking party in Grove Township

Twelve citations for minor consumption

New Year’s Day, at 12:30 a.m.,
Tuesday, Jan. 1,  the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office was called by the Melrose Police Department about a medical at the address of 34308 Overton Road in Grove Township. An underage boy had been brought to the Melrose Hospital, unresponsive because of the high amount of alcohol he had consumed. Deputies learned that a juvenile party was taking place at the residence and the parents were not at home.

Deputies went to the address to make contact with the home owner, however no-one would answer the door. Several people locked themselves inside the house and some took off on foot. Deputies found three minors who fled the house. They were taken to the Melrose Hospital to be treated for possible cold-weather injuries. The Melrose Fire and Rescue was called to the scene to check the area for others who may have fled the house because of the extremely cold temperature.

Deputies were eventually allowed into the house with consent of the home owner who later arrived on the scene. Twelve citations were issued for minor consumption. The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Melrose Police Department, Melrose Ambulance and Melrose Fire and Rescue.