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Classroom of the Week: Kimball's Mrs. Schmidt's 4th Grade

We have 22 students in our class, one snake, two tanks with goldfish and Koi, and three different kinds of turtles. From time to time, we have other critters in our room to observe.

We have three field trips this year: we'll take a boat ride on the Paddleford down the Mississippi River and visit the Jackson Street Roun dhouse Train Museum in St. Paul, learn about our water and environment at the Water Festival in Richmond, and visit the Law Enforcement Center and Courthouse in St. Cloud.

For our field trip fundraiser, we sold candy bars. We help Mrs. Palm's class with Flavors on Friday ice cream sales, and sell honey sticks. Through these two projects we are able to make purchases that benefit the school. Our classroom is in charge of the Pennies for Patients program in our school. This event in February will raise money for the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society.

This year in science we will learn about cells, classification, electricity and magnetism, water and our environment, rocks and earth materials, and we will study and research the landforms, plants and animals of Africa. The students are busy learning the states and capitols and will research a president. Math in fourth grade brings with it many new concepts, the biggest and two most exciting are multiplying with 2- to 4-digit numbers, and long division. The students will do tons of reading!

We are excited, eager learners that are proud to be part of Kimball Elementary School! 
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