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KES fish fry

Fifth- and sixth-grade teachers from Kimball had their hands full – and sometimes wet and dirty. Melissa Herrington, Theresa Niemi, Patti Bauerly and Mary Bernardy were a bit like shepherds Friday night, Jan. 4, for their annual fish fry fundraiser. After years of experience, they had a carefully planned list of workers and jobs for the two shifts of the evening. Parents and students did their assigned jobs and more, making the evening a great success.

A total of 472 all-you-can-eat fish dinners were sold that night. Proceeds from the dinner will help offset expenses for the fifth- and sixth-grade field trips this spring: fifth grade to Duluth, Giants Ridge, and the Soudan Underground Mine, and sixth grade to Deep Portage Learning Center.

“It’s wonderful,” said Mrs. Herrington. “The kids had fun. Some even made tips.” She added that without the great help from students and parents, they wouldn’t have this success.

Third-time fish fry parent Karla Davis commended the great community support.  She added that this is a wonderful example of partnering with a local business (Generations Ballroom) for a fundraiser. It’s also a good way to get to know other parents.

Fifth-grader Tori Harren said, “I’m here representing my class and my aunt (Kerry Johnson-Nolan,
co-owner of Generations).” 

Sixth-graders Casey Gohmann and Trevor Combs were busy cleaning tables on their two-hour shift. They said their field trips help build friendship and trust in one another. 

Thanks go out to all 472 people who came out to eat some great fried pollock; to the many students who came out to bus tables and run around a lot helping; to the parents who were dedicated to helping, whether it was their first time or seventh. Thanks to Generations Ballroom for the use of their wonderful facilities. Most of all, thanks to the four fearless teachers who pulled it all together!
W-CIMG1753There was an abundance of help Jan. 4 for the annual KES fish fry. Here, a bunch of dads batter and fry up the fish for the Kimball fifth- and sixth-grade fish fry that raises money for their spring field trips up north. There were plenty of moms and students working hard out in the dining area, too. Staff photo by Jean Doran Matua.