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4-H Share the Fun & Performing Arts Day

The 2013 Meeker County 4-H Share the Fun & Performing Arts Day was held Sunday afternoon, Feb. 24, in the Bernie Aaker Auditorium at the Family Services Center in Litchfield. There were six Share the Fun and 26 Performing Arts acts. Share The Fun is a time for kids to share fun skits with their peers and adults while performing for an audience. The purposes of Share The Fun include: building club rapport and unity, promoting 4-H, and providing recognition for the club. Many Meeker County 4-H’ers had a great opportunity to share their talents. Along with the 4-H Ambassadors, participants included members from the following clubs: Acton Buzzers, Danielson Hustlers, Dassel Lamplighters, Kimball Kruisers, Koronis Eager Beavers, Litchfield Satellites, and the Valley Victors.


Kimball Kruisers 4-H Club won first place in the Share the Fun Awards Feb. 24.

Their club also is in the Share the Fun State Fair lineup in first place.


Share the Fun Awards were as follows:

Best Props - Litchfield Satellites

Most Original - Koronis Eager Beavers

Most Humorous - Valley Victors

Third Place - Dassel Lamplighters

Second Place - Danielson Hustlers

First Place - Kimball Kruisers

Share the Fun State Fair Line Up:

Kimball Kruisers

Danielson Hustlers

Dassel Lamplighters

Litchfield Satellites

As the first- and second-place winners, the Kimball Kruisers and Danielson Hustlers 4-H Clubs earned the opportunity to represent Meeker County 4-H at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair Share The Fun Showcase. Some of our top clubs will also perform their acts during the Share the Fun showcase at the Meeker County Fair.

Performing Arts allows youth the opportunity to showcase their talents, build self-confidence, and have fun! There were a wide variety of different performances. Performing Arts Placings were as follows:

Champion Grades 3-5: Bailee Schiefelbein – Speech – “Grandmother’s House”, Kimball Kruisers

Reserve Champion Grades 3-5: Rebecca Binsfeld – Piano – “26 Berens”, Kimball Kruisers

Champion Grades 6-8: Michael Binsfeld – Vocal – “You Raise Me Up”, Kimball Kruisers

Reserve Champion Grades 6-8: Kari Schiefelbein – Speech – “Diary of a Girly Girl”, Kimball Kruisers

Champion Grades 9+: Holden Stafford – Speech – “The Three Plittle Thigs”, Danielson Hustlers

Reserve Champion Grades 9+: Taylor Baumann – Flute – “Vocalise Opus 34, No. 14”, Dassel Lamplighters


The Valley Victors 4-H Club (below) participated in the  

Share the Fun and were judged the Most

Humorous in their "Never, Ever, Ever Skit"

Sunday afternoon, Feb. 24, in Litchfield, Submitted photos.

Additional Performing Arts Participants Include:

Alayna Baggenstoss – Vocal – “Coat of Many Colors”, Acton Buzzers

Halyn Baggenstoss – Vocal – “A Drop in the Ocean”, Acton BuzzersW-Valley-Victors

Ellie Donnay – Dance – “The Nutcracker-Chinese Dance”, Kimball Kruisers

Emma Donnay – Piano – “Old MacDonald”, Kimball Kruisers

Whitney Holm – Vocal – “On My Own”, Litchfield Satellites

Madelyn Hunt – Vocal – “You Belong with Me”, Kimball Kruisers

Cailyn Kuechle – Vocal – “My Favorite Things”, Kimball Kruisers

Ellie Kuechle – Piano – “Indian Dance”, Kimball Kruisers

George Lemke – Piano – “Turbocharged”, Valley Victors

Gretta Lemke – Piano – “Back Stage Pass”, Valley Victors

Faith Palmer – Vocal – “Bixby Canyon Bridge”, Acton Buzzers

Katie Peterson – Vocal – “Alma Del Core (Fairest Adored)”, Danielson Hustlers

Mikayla Roberg – Piano – “Chippie the Chipmunk”, Koronis Eager Beavers

Kari Schiefelbein – Flute – “Serenade”, Kimball Kruisers

Emma Smith – Piano – “French Movie Waltz”, Litchfield Satellites

Emma Smith – Flute – “Sicilienne”, Litchfield Satellites

Savannah Stafford – Piano – “Cloud Painting”, Danielson Hustlers

Abby Thompson – Piano – “Spring”, Koronis Eager Beavers

Madilyn Truenow – Dance – “Release Me”, Kimball Kruisers

Madison Whitcomb – Trumpet – “Festival Overture”, Acton Buzzers

Performing Arts State Fair Line Up:

Holden Stafford

Taylor Baumann

Michael Binsfeld

Kari Schiefelbein

Katie Peterson

Emma Smith

Madilyn Truenow

Madison Whitcomb

George Lemke

Congratulations to ALL participants!