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EV-W Classroom of the Week-Mrs. Steffes' 5th Grade

There are 25 students in our class. This year we are focusing on United States History, beginning with native Americans, European explorers, colonization, American Revolution, and writing our U.S. Constitituion.

We learn a lot about fractions, decimals, measurements, and data analysis.W--Steffes-class-pic

For our field tri-s this year, we will go to Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center, tour Meeker County Law Enforcement Centyer, and visit the G.A.R. Hall in Litchfield.

We're doing magazine sales as a fundraiser.

We are excited to be part of the D.A.R.E Program, to learn about making good choices when it comes to drugs and violence.

We get to have a spelling bee and a geography bee. We also have an opportunity to be in Knowledge  Bowl and Math Masters.