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Hilltop continues fulfilling dreams for residents

 Hilltop Health Care Center in Watkins continues to work on fulfilling residents’ dreams. Several residents had a dream to go on a horse and sleigh ride.  In cooperation with Wind River Percherons,  operated by Erv & Doreen Brugger, located in rural Kimball area, the residents’ dreams were fulfilled.  Residents Bernice Kuechle and Loretta Brutger enjoyed their dream outing, along with another resident and staff on March 3rd. Bernice stated “I wish my husband was alive to be with me, he loved his work horses and harnesses.” Loretta also reminisced about working with horses years ago.


Hilltop Health Care Center residents Bernice Kuechle and Loretta Brutger enjoy a horse-drawn sleighride as their dream fulfillment. Submitted photo. Submitted photos.