Tricounty News

A simple trip to the mall

My husband is not a frequent shopper. He avoids the hobby. Abhor is a strong word, but I think it’s pretty close to how my husband regards the in-store experience.

You can imagine my surprise when he initiated the task last Saturday. We were out of town, at a weekend sports tournament with one of our kids, hanging out in the hotel between games, when he stood up from his chair and uttered the five words I’ve never heard him say: “I’m going to the mall.”

I would have accompanied him, but someone had to supervise our kid. So I sent him – alone. Innocent and inexperienced. To the mall. Like a lamb to the slaughter.

I knew there was a reason for his trip. He needed leather gloves and we hadn’t been able to find a suitable pair thus far this year. I also knew when he returned there’d be a story. He didn’t disappoint.


Feb. 14 Update

School Lunch in Minnesota Schools

A recent report released by Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid revealed that 46 Minnesota school districts have policies that deny students access to a nutritious lunch, if those students do not have sufficient funds to pay for their meal. Another 166 Minnesota school districts provide low-income students alternative meals, such as a cold cheese sandwich, when they are unable to pay the 40-cent copay required for a reduced-price hot lunch. According to the survey, Eden Valley-Watkins and another 96 Minnesota school districts (approximately 31 percent) will always provide a full menu-of-the-day hot lunch to a low-income child even if the child cannot afford the fee.


How low will we go?

We’ve sunk to a new low. It’s a fashion faux pas of the dire, denim variety. I’m referring to jeans – waistbands in particular.

Remember when pants used to sit at your waist, not three inches below? Now, we wear low-rise, which is designer secret code for ugly-butt, muffin-top. Low rise is nothing new. They’ve been around for years, and quite frankly the trend is making me cranky. Let the low-rise fad fade, please.


Feb. 7 Update

Arvig customers

For those that subscribe to Arvig for your personal internet and phone services, please consider naming the Eden
Valley-Watkins School District as the future recipient of financial grants and donations that become available. Arvig customers can connect to the following address to complete the process:

Thanks to Arvig, our communities, and families for the ongoing educational support!

Kindergarten Roundup

Eden Valley-Watkins Elementary Schools will be holding
Kindergarten Roundup Monday, March 3, at the following times;

• 10-11 a.m. - Watkins Elementary

• 7-8 p.m. – Eden Valley Elementary

The roundup will include an informational session with the parents and a get-acquainted session for the children.  If you are on our census list, you should receive a letter from the elementary office explaining kindergarten roundup in greater detail. If you have not received a letter or have any questions regarding kindergarten roundup, please call the elementary office at 453-6455 ext. 2134.

Tips for Tots and TV

According to research by the Journal of Pediatrics, DVDs do not actually help babies learn.

In similar studies conducted by the American Academy of
Pediatrics and the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine on DVDs and language, research suggests that babies learn language better by interacting with live speakers than by passively listening to language coming from a TV or DVD. In summary, time spent watching TV and DVDs could be better spent learning and first-hand engagement with other people.

Senior of the Week

The EV-W School District would like to recognize Cody Asfeld, son of Tom and LaRae. Cody is actively involved in the German Club, Knowledge Bowl, and the National Honor Society. Cody continues to set high standards for himself and is enrolled in numerous college level courses. The EV-W administration, faculty and staff are extremely proud of your accomplishments. Congratulations!


Of smoothies and kayaks

I wanted a kayak. It was a simple request I repeated repeatedly. I talked about how we would go kayaking this summer on the lake. We’d have a blast making family memories while building our triceps and getting a tan. I communicated as clearly as I could, in English, which is the language they speak. I wanted a kayak.

They got me a blender.

There was a reason for their actions. They like smoothies. And, despite the allure of a sleek kayak cutting through the cool, clear water, it was a distant vision. In my climate zone, you can’t kayak in the winter. You have to wait until summer. Smoothies are available all times of the year – for those with the machinery to make them. Months of waiting for warm weather or immediate gratification: the choice was obvious.