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Old Coots (Kimball alumni 1961-onward)

Kimball graduates from 1961 onward are George Jensen ’63, Pete Merten ’62, Dave Triebel ’61, Ron Schmidt ’61, Bob Hendrickson ’61, Bob Hess ’62, Ralph Schultz ’62, and Gary Bennett W-Coots 1961’63. They met Wednesday, May 13 at Triple R. The next meeting of the “Old Coots” will be Wednesday, Sept. 9, again at Triple R. Staff photos by Jean Doran Matua.


'Old Coots' Kimball alumni 1958-1960 met at Triple R

Kimball graduates from 1958-1960 included (front row) David Feeder ’59, Dennis Meuhring ’58, Roy Loesch ’58, Ron Klein ’59, and Gene Merten ’60; (back row) Tony Kuechle ’60, DougW-Coots 1958-60Dingmann ’60, Frank Eder, Elmer Hilary ’59, and Herb Libbesmeier ’58. They met Wednesday, May 13 at Triple R.


The 'Old Coots flock again in Kimball (KHS alumni 1950-57)

The “Old Coots” (KHS alumni) met Wednesday, May 13, at Triple R Grill & Bar in Kimball. Kimball graduates from the classes of 1950-57, pictured above, include Jim McKenzie ’53, Jerry W-Coots 1950-57Imholte ’51, Sherill Fischer, Roger Osterberg, Travis Kent, Richard Eckman ’55, Jerry Robinson, Darrel Schmidt ’50, and David Kotke ’57.


May 27-28: Auditions for Beauty and the Beast

Jody Markgraf will be directing Kimball Community Playhouse production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” working with choreographer Judy Hamer and music director Cherie Ploof. Performances will be July 18, 19, and 20.

Auditions are 6-9 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, May 27-28, at Kimball Area High School, and are open to all ages, experience levels, and communities. There are opportunities for elementary through high school students, as well as adults. It’s a great show for the whole family to participate in together.

Prepare an American Idol-type vocal audition piece that best showcases your voice a capella style.

You may also prepare a 1-3 minute script, memorization unnecessary. There will be audition materials available if you do not prepare your own (and no preference given for those who do prepare a script).

Questions? Call/text Jody Markgraf at (320) 237-0418, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Kimball Prom was Saturday, May 17

Kimball Area High School students enjoyed their Prom Saturday evening, May 17, at the high school gym. The evening began with Grand W-Kimball-Prom-4640March, at 6:30 p.m. The theme was “Twenties Takeback,” and “The Undertakers” again provided the music and entertainment. Staff photo by Marguerite Laabs.