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Count our blessings

We do not choose where we are born, so those of us who were born on American soil should be very thankful we were born here, the freest nation on Earth.W-JeffHowe

Thanksgiving is a good time to spend some extra time counting our blessings. And the list is quite long, from the freedoms we enjoy, to the people who volunteer to protect our liberty, to our ability to worship the God of our choice – or not worship – as we see fit, and our right to decide who represents us across various levels of government. These are just some of the sacred pillars that make our nation what it is, the greatest this world has ever known. Let us work to keep it that way with strong personal freedoms and states’ rights.


My apologies

My apologies to Tammy Konz and all the others who planned the Veterans Day program at Kimball Area High School Monday; and to all who came to the program. I was honored and touched to be asked to speak as part of the program. Unfortunately, I spent the day at the hospital instead, having passed out that morning. I am fine now, but so sad that I missed the opportunity to honor other veterans that day.

John “Jack” Young


Note of appreciation

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the paper every week. I also enjoy the new look to the paper. You all do an awesome job!

Mary Joan Hiljus

Cambridge, Minn.

Congratulations on Tri-County News new look

Congratulations on the “new look” of Tri-County News. It’s welcoming, refreshing and attention-grabbing.

I’d like to thank you for the wonderful article on our own Jill Robinson Kilzer. Her devotion to her craft and to the musical growth of the kids across this state is admirable.

Barb Root


Arson Awareness Week

Did you know 65 percent of Minnesota’s 318 incendiary structure fires reported in 2011 happened in residential properties?

May 5 -11 is Arson Awareness Week in Minnesota. The theme is “Reducing Residential Arson.”

Residential arson can be prevented by implementing neighborhood clean-ups and improving internal and external security around homes and abandoned properties.  Neighborhood crime prevention groups can add arson and suspicious activity to their watch.