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CRWD Minutes Aug. 28, 2013

UNOFFICIAL MINUTES Clearwater River Watershed District Board of Managers Work Session AUGUST 28, 2013 - 7:00 P.M. Kimball City Hall, Kimball, MN

Chair Schiefelbein called the Work Session Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Managers Bob Schiefelbein, Mary Ellen Wells, Paul DeGree and Jerry Risberg were present. Manager Mark Kampa was absent. Others in attendance were Orv Jonsrud, Jeff Golden, Mike Hankee, Cole Loewen, and Administrator Dennis Loewen.

Motion #WS13-08-1: Risberg, seconded by DeGree, made a motion to adopt the Agenda. All managers voted aye.

Motion #WS13-08-2: Risberg, seconded by Wells, made a motion to have manager Paul DeGree serve as temporary Secretary in the absence of the Secretary of the Board. All managers voted aye.

Discussion was held on invoices submitted to the board from Forrest Prairie Township for payment to repair erosion and armor roadway where Clear Lake South Notch Weir is located.

Motion #WS13-08-3: DeGree, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to pay invoices submitted by Forrest Prairie Township for repair and armoring roadway where Clear Lake South Notch Weir is located. All managers voted aye.

The Board reviewed the
August 28, 2013, financial update.

Motion #WS13-08-4: Wells, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to pay bills of $105,557.43 in 10 payments, subject to audit. All managers voted aye.

Administrator Loewen went over the revisions to the CRWD Bylaws. Board requested further clarification. Staff will report back to the board at the September 11th,
2013, Regular Meeting.

Administrator Loewen gave an update on staff’s work on internal load reduction for District lakes, including the Lake Augusta Internal Load Reduction Preliminary Evaluation. Adminis-trator Loewen suggested the Board discuss this issue later this year.

Administrator Loewen gave an update on the Cedar Lake Watershed Protection & Improvement Project. This included an update on a recent meeting staff had with DNR Wildlife regarding the potential to work together on implementing a water quality improvement project at Swarout Wildlife Management Area (East Swartout).

Mike Hankee left the meeting at 7:25 p.m.

Administrator Loewen gave an update on the Kimball Stormwater Phase II project, including planned improvements to Kimball Stormwater Phase I. Easement
acquisition is continuing, and

CP Rail is reviewing project design for
approval to work in rail right-of-way.

Administrator Loewen gave an update on the Kingston Wetland Restoration Project. A field visit was conducted today by Administrator Loewen and engineering staff. Overall the project is looking great. Native seedlings were noted in project area. Remaining construction work is:

1. Removal of temporary weir

2. Reshaping of channel in immediate area around the weir

3. Placement of additional rip-rap in same area

4. Removal of sediment from existing high-flow channel

5. Check with contractor to verify removal of slash materials per contract

Administrator Loewen reviewed the remainder of the District’s Staff Report, which included:

1. Current Work Order for the Mississippi River (St. Cloud) Watershed Project

2. Attendance at the Chain of Lakes Association Meeting on August 17th, 2013

3. CCM Riparian Project’s Work Schedule

Motion #WS13-08-5: Risberg, seconded by DeGree, made a motion to approve work order #C08/01/13-1 with the Elk River Watershed Association for the Mississippi River (St. Cloud) Watershed Project. All managers voted aye.

Under discussion on CRWD Advisory Committee Assignments, Administrator Loewen presented a few ideas District staff are working on to incorporate local schools as part of the District’s education efforts.

Under other business, discussion was held regarding lawsuit Paul & Peter Heid vs. Clearwater River Watershed District.

Motion #WS13-08-6: Wells, seconded by Risberg, made a motion to Adjourn. All managers voted aye.



Chair, Bob Schiefelbein

Secretary, Paul DeGree

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013.