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REGULAR SCHOOL Unofficial Minutes Board of Education April 18, 2012 Ind. School District 739 Kimball, MN

Chair Helgeson called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with all members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance.

Schreiner/Gagnon approved the agenda as presented. MC

Instructors Barry Strand and Kristine O'Brien gave a brief presentation highlighting happenings in the phy-ed and health classes. Theresa Niemi, Anna Anderson, and Taylor Schroeder highlighted 5th grade happenings.

Theresa Niemi presented a cost comparison to the board showing the difference in cost taking a coach bus as compared to a school bus and trailer for the Iron Range trip. The most cost-effective means of transportation was the coach bus. Other benefits were that the students can watch a video while on the coach bus and there is a restroom on board so the bus wouldn't need to stop so frequently. Schreiner/Stein approved the use of a coach bus for this trip. MC with member Gagnon opposing the motion.

Celebrations and successes of students and staff included three students going to state speech competition this Friday, band doing exceptionally well at solo and ensemble contest, track team doing very well at Pierz and ACGC, and Mitchell McKee winning a national tournament at the 100# weight class.

Mr. Widvey reported on finishing spring testing, the upcoming Students of Excellence Banquet, Dollars for Scholars Gala, 6th grade orientation will be held May 14th, Annual signing and picnic will be held for the seniors on May 24th, and the junior high and senior high awards programs, all-school picnic, and annual signing will be held on Friday, May 25th. We have 30 days remaining.

Mr. Houseman reported on finishing testing, the Great River Regional Library has a grant available that will allow for Kimball students to attend the Stroia Ballet production of Peter and the Wolf in April of 2013, Pennies for Patients fundraiser was very successful, and Kindergarten for next year sits at 48 right now.

Superintendent Tritabaugh reported on upcoming meetings Ð April 19th Ð discussion of areas of concern and review of the handbook with non-licensed staff, May 16th Ð Benton-Stearns Education District meeting and the May regular board meeting.

Mr. Tritabaugh had spoken with Dennis Loewen several times regarding the condition of field #1, the far west ball field at the high school. The Watershed District is concerned about the area and has several suggestions for use or conversion of that area.

The superintendent has a conflict with the board meeting scheduled for June 20th. It was requested, and agreed to move the June meeting to the 13th instead.

Lastly, Mr. Tritabaugh shared an invitation received that invites customers of the State Bank of Kimball to attend a retirement dinner in honor of Jane Pickle.

Zipoy/Stein motioned to move forward with the BYOD Policy. MC

Committee reports included SEE Ð Tritabaugh, Benton-Stearns Education District Ð Helgeson.

Communications included results of a recent food service student survey.

Gagnon/Schreiner approved payment of the listed bills in the amount of $165,297.56. MC

Schreiner/Gagnon approved the Consent Agenda. MC The Consent Agenda included approve minutes of March 21, 2012 Board Meeting, approve reinvestment of $196,000 CD for one year, maturing 3/25/13 at.4 percent at Tri-State Capital Bank, Pittsburgh, PA, approve reinvestment of $97,000 CD for one year, maturing 4/2/13 at.45 percent at Israel Bank of New York, NY, accept donation of $4,810.00 from Kimball Sports Booster Club for the purchase of two pitching machines, accept donation of $106.25 from PIE toward the purchase of Scholastic Magazine for 5th Grade for 2012-2013, accept an anonymous donation of $1,092.70 for the purchase of a recognition banner in Wirth Gym, accept an anonymous donation of $3,252 for the purchase of baseball pants and baseball caps, accept donation of time and materials from Augusta Electric to move the fire alarm to accommodate the new trophy case, accept donation of $350 from Kimball Firemen's Relief Assn. for the BLT Club, accept donation of $450 from Kimball Firemen's Relief Assn. to be used toward high school baseball, accept donation of $615 from Kimball Firemen's Relief Assn. as proceeds from the meat raffles sponsored by the Wrestling Boosters, and accept donation of $349.90 from the Wrestling Boosters to cover excess cost for the fan bus for the state wrestling tournament

Stenger/Gagnon accepted a donation of $339.45 from the Wrestling Boosters to cover excess costs for hotel rooms for the state wrestling tournament. MC

The treasurer's report was reviewed and discussed.

Zipoy/Schreiner approved an additional field trip for 4th grade. MC

Gagnon introduced and Stenger seconded a resolution relating to the termination and nonrenewal of the teaching contract of Anna Anderson, a probationary teacher. MC

Stein introduced, Stenger seconded a resolution terminating the employment of elementary custodian Barry Kachinsky. MC

Stenger/Stein accepted the lower quotation received from Veolia Environmental Services for waste disposal. MC

Zipoy/Gagnon accepted the revised Policy FJCA, Internet Acceptable Use and Safety as presented. MC

Stenger/Gagnon to adjourn at 8:14 p.m.

Tom Schreiner, Clerk

(This is a summary of the minutes of the School Board. To obtain a full copy of the official minutes, contact the District Office at 398-5585,

or check the District website at

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, April 26, 2012.