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Kimball School Board Minutes May 15, 2013

REGULAR MEETING Unofficial Minutes Board of Education May 15, 2013 Ind. School District 739 Kimball, MN

The board meeting was called to order by chair Schreiner at 6:01 p.m. with all members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance.

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Stenger to approve the agenda as presented. MC

Tanner Schreifels, Hunter Schreifels and Caleb Anderson, along with two fellow Boy Scouts demonstrated the ability of their robot used in local, national, as well as in world competitions. The boys shared their excitement and experiences in building their robot from scratch and also the camaraderie that is built between teams participating in this activity.

Frank Schiefelbein II addressed the board with concerns regarding the attendance of staff at student events and activities. Mr. Schiefelbein believes that we have a great school and community, but without addressing the lack of visibility and participation of the teaching staff in the community, he sees the school failing in the near future.

Laura Meyer, Leslie Arnold, and Joe Ekert each addressed the board with concerns of the class sizes proposed for fall 2013. Laura also wished to advise the board that there is community support out there to assist in public relations work to promote the school, but they need to be asked. She believes it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to funding the schools.

Bob Merchant shared an update of the contributions made by the Sports Booster Club over the last year as well as the status of facility supervision training and the need for a shelter for the pitching machines.

Celebrations and successes of students and staff included FFA week in progress currently, the  sixth graders made their 27th annual trip to Deep Portage last week. The Students of Excellence Banquet was recently attended, Dollars for Scholars Gala was held providing scholarships to many of the seniors, the high school Visual Arts students did very well at their competition several weeks ago, and the annual food drive was completed recently.

Mr. Houseman reported on receiving a donation from PIE for $3,100 toward the purchase of a smartboard and projector for an elementary classroom. PIE is also donating $500 toward the Accelerated Reader program. Science Express (semi trailer) is located at the elementary school this week. Students K-6 are able to take part in various hands-on activities throughout the week. The Behavior Plan and Handbook are being reviewed for any changes needed. Currently the enrollment number for Kindergarten for the fall is at 54. This number is watched every day for changes.

Mr. Widvey reported on graduation coming up on the 30th.
Mr. Schreiner and Mr. Zipoy will be handing out diplomas with the other board members congratulating the seniors as they return to their seats. Ms. Bauerly has been offered, and accepted a position with the Foley District for next year; her resignation is coming up on the agenda. There will be some schedule and course changes necessary in the computer tech, Project Lead The Way and shop areas for next year. With losing the GTT classes at the high school for next year, the possibility of the Robotics program may be a good fit. The choir concert will be held on the 19th with the band concert on the 20th. The morning of the 24th will be the awards presentations followed by the senior picnic for the afternoon. Graduation will be held on the 30th, and with the necessary calendar change due to school closings, June 3rd will be the last school day for students with shortened classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon.

Mr. Tritabaugh reported on upcoming meetings – May 22 – Health & Safety, May 23 – SEE,
May 30 – Graduation, June 19 – Benton-Stearns Education District meeting in the morning with the next regular school board meeting at 6:00.

Each member received a letter addressing concern with not having a curriculum/staff development/Title I coordinator for next year. Mr. Tritabaugh explained that he and Mr. Widvey are hoping to be able to adjust several schedules to be able to allow for a small amount of time to be dedicated to these programs.

Given the concern raised by
Mr. Merchant regarding the facility supervisor training, member Hilsgen requested scheduling a facilities committee meeting. It was agreed to meet at 6:00 on May 30, prior to graduation.

Committee reports included Activities – Zipoy. Motion by Gagnon, seconded by Hilsgen to approve moving ahead with the purchase of a new wrestling mat with the agreement that the district will purchase the mat and the Wrestling Boosters will cover uniform and warm up replacement costs. MC Budget Committee – Schreiner, Benton-Stearns Education District - Tritabaugh

There were no communications.

Stenger/Gagnon to approve payment of the listed bills in the amount of $150,285.62. MC

Stein/Zipoy to approve the consent agenda, removing items a, c, e, and g for discussion and comment. MC. The Consent Agenda included:

a. Approve minutes of April 17, 2013 Board Meeting

b. Accept donation of $160.00 from Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association to apply toward the cost of two hotel rooms for April 10th conference

c. Accept donation of $300 received from the Kimball Sports Boosters towards the cost of the bus to Chanhassen for choir

d. Accept donation of $295.00 from PIE for the purchase of magnet calendars for elementary families

e. Accept donation of $365.00 from Cheryl and Gregory Nemec to cover the bus trip to the Minnesota Historical Center on May 2nd

f. Accept grant award from Central Minnesota Arts Board in the amount of $2,000 for a Summer Youth Theater Camp, summer of 2013

g. Approve hiring of Katie Pettit, high school math instructor for the 2013-2014 school year at BA lane, Step 1 of the Master Agreement

Member Zipoy asked for a spelling correction in the April minutes, thanked the Sports Boosters for donating to the choir for their trip to Chanhassen, asked who Cheryl and Gregory Nemec were, to which Mr. Houseman explained that they are the parents of a student teacher in Ms. Bauerly’s classroom, and lastly, asked for clarification if Ms. Pettit was the replacement for Mr. Liedman, to which the answer was yes.

Zipoy/Stenger to approve agenda items a, c, e, and g. MC

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and discussed.

Zipoy/Gagnon with regrets and gratitude for her service, to accept the resignation received from Marie Bauerly, Business Education teacher, effective at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. MC

Stein/Hilsgen, with a thank you for her service, to accept the resignation received from Suzanne Robben from her teacher assistant position in Play and Learn School and the Enrichment Program, effective May 23, 2013. MC

Gagnon/Stein, with thanks for his years with the wrestling program, to accept the resignation received from Paul Sundin from Assistant Wrestling as of May 6, 2013. MC with member Zipoy opposing the motion.

Gagnon/Zipoy to adopt the Resolution Discontinuing and Reducing Educational Progarms and Positions of: 1.0 FTE elementary classroom position, 2.0 FTE secondary paraprofessional positions, 0.5 FTE secondary custodial (effective 10/1/13), 0.875 FTE School Readiness/ECFE Instructor. Upon roll call vote, members Zipoy, Stein, Schreiner, Gagnon, Hilsgen voted in favor. Member Stenger voted aginst. MC

Zipoy/Gagnon adopted the Resolution Relating to the Termination and Nonrenewal of the Teaching Contract of Corey Harmon, a Probationary Teacher. Upon roll call vote,  Zipoy, Stein, Schreiner, Gagnon, Hilsgen. Member Stenger voted against. MC

Gagnon/Stein adopted Resolution Relating to the Termination and Nonrenewal of the Teaching Contract of Cortney Voigt-Ely, a Probationary Teacher. Upon roll call vote, Zipoy, Stein, Schreiner, Gagnon, Hilsgen voted in favor. Member Stenger voted against. MC

Gagnon/Hilsgen to approve the reinstatement of Cortney Voigt-Ely to a .4375 School Readiness/ECFE contract for the 2013-2014 school year. MC

Zipoy/Stenger to approve the updated Handbook as presented. MC

Gagnon/Stein to approve the calendar as revised. MC

Stenger/Gagnon to close the meeting at 9:19 p.m. MC

Stein/Stenger to re-open the meeting at 9:31 p.m. MC

Stein/Gagnon to accept resignation received from Kelly Traurig, elementary special education paraprofessional, effective May 6, 2013. MC

Zipoy/Gagnon to adjourn at 9:33 p.m.

Tim Zipoy, Clerk

(This is a summary of the minutes of the School Board. To obtain a full copy of the official minutes, contact the District Office at
398-5585, or check the District website at

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, May 23, 2013.