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ISD 739 Minutes Meeting Feb. 19, 2014

REGULAR MEETING Unofficial Minutes Board of Education February 19, 2014 Ind. School District 739 Kimball, MN

The regular school board meeting was called to order by Chair Schreiner at 6:00 p.m. with all board members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.

Motion by Gagnon, seconded by Zipoy to approve the agenda as presented. MC

Nancy Bonnifield, Tracy Nelson, and Kathryn Winkelman, Career and Tech Education instructors (Business, Ag/Shop, and FACS) for the District, presented to the board. They shared programs/courses that are available to students at Kimball High School, as well as suggestions on areas where they could use district and community assistance. Each instructor is putting together a couple goals for themselves to attain that will also benefit the classroom, such as a Serve Safe Certification, a Microsoft Word Specialist Certification, and a shop organization plan.

Bob Merchant indicated that there will be a Dodge Drive event held in conjunction with the Business Expo on April 5th.

Celebrations and successes of students and staff included the Elementary School receiving word that the Reading Corp grant for next year was approved and Caroline Schlawin will continue in that role. A letter was received from MDE Commissioner Cassellius indicating that Kimball has been successful in working toward closing the achievement gap. The elementary iPad initiative has reached its goal and the iPads have been received and are in the classrooms. The K-5 fundraiser provided $3,000 toward the iPad program. Ms. Nelson indicated that Joelle Edwards has been named a Region Officer with FFA, Brianna Jonas placed 2nd in her Wildlife competition, and Tommy Lochen is on the State Nominating Committee, which is a very prestigious honor.

Mr. Widvey gave some background to the World’s Best Workforce needs and requirements. He also reported that the first semester Honors Breakfast will be held on February 25th, student registration for 2014-2015 will begin on March 6th, and the Teacher Evaluation Plan should be ready for board approval at their March meeting.

Mr. Houseman reported on a great turnout for elementary parent/teacher conferences. Kindergarten Roundup is scheduled for March 13th. With full funding for Kindergarten beginning next year, scheduling should be simplified; there should be no part-time students. On-line practice for the MCA’s is scheduled for next week, the 25th-27th. The limousine ride, earned by those students selling more than 25 items for the fundraiser, will be held on February 21st. Another Dodge Drive event will be held in conjunction with Kimball Days, and will be held at the A.M. Maus & Son dealership, with proceeds going toward additional iPads.

Mr. Tritabaugh reported on upcoming meetings: 2/21 – SEE, 2/26 – tentative negotiations, 3/12 – Meet & Confer if needed, 3/19 – Benton-Stearns Education District and next regular school board meeting.

The Superintendent will be out of the state from March 3-7. Mr. Widvey will be watching the weather during that time.

The superintendent asked each board member to forward the questions for the superintendent interviews to their respective individual community member. To-date 15 applications have been received. There look to be some very good candidates. Board members can start reviewing the applications beginning next week, through March 7th.

Mr. Tritabaugh shared a timeline for reductions with the board. It would be ideal if the budget committee could get together in early April. Based on schedules, members Hilsgen and Schreiner agreed to schedule a meeting at 5:30 on Wednesday, April 2nd.

Committee reports included Negotiations –Stenger, Benton-Stearns Education District - Tritabaugh.

There were no communications.

Motion by Stenger, seconded by Stein to approve the listed bills in the amount of $249,230.44. MC

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Gagnon to approve the Consent Agenda. MC The Consent Agenda consisted of:

• Approve minutes of January 15, 2014 Board Meeting

• Accept donation from the Kimball Sports Boosters in the amount of $800 for the iPay for iPads program

• Accept donation from the Karla Davis in the amount of $100 for the iPay for iPads program

• Accept donation from Wrestling Boosters in the amount of $553.49 to cover the purchase of a new, certified scale for wrestling

The treasurer’s report for January was reviewed and discussed.

Motion by Stenger, seconded by Hilsgen not to grant request from Dennis Abernathy to extend his leave of absence for a third year. MC

Motion by Stein, seconded by Zipoy, to approve request from Laurie Hunt, High School Secreteary, to begin Phased Retirement with PERA beginning July 1, 2014. MC

Motion by Gagnon, seconded by Stein, to approve hiring Kathy Ahlrich as part-time elementary secretary beginning March 1 for the remainder of the school year, at Category V, Step 3 of the Non-Licensed Agreement. MC

Motion by Stein, seconded by Zipoy, to approve the fundraiser request received from the Speech team. MC with Schreiner opposing on a matter of principle.

Motion by Gagnon, seconded by Zipoy, to approve spring 2014 coaching assignments as follows: Baseball – head – Adam Beyer, assistant – Matt Dingman, 8th Grade – Zach Dingmann, 7th – Aaron Laabs. Softball – head – Eric Primus, assistant – Megan Libbesmeier, assistant – Whitney Gettler, 8th – Joe Stangle, 7th – Kendra Albers. Boys’ Golf – Jason Huschle. Girls’ – Kris O’Brien. JH Boys’/Girls’ Golf – Bob Deem. Boys Track – head – Jason Mortenson (EVW), assistant – Chris Rossman. Girls’ Track – head – Gordy Schlangen (EVW), assistant – Aimey Notsch. JH Boys’/Girls’ Track – Lisa Brown (EVW). MC

Mr. Widvey commented that the Phy-Ed/Health department would present at the April meeting.

Motion by Gagnon, seconded by Stenger to adjourn at 8:00 p.m.

Tim Zipoy, Clerk

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, March 6, 2014.